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hyperchangecafe?Where did it go?

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I haven't followed this other site for awhile. Any idea where it went? Did it die?
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JR reports the new server she moved the site to a couple months ago is having "unscheduled maintenance" and should be back in operation in the near future.
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"Unscheduled maintenance"? Isn't it amazing what we allow telecommunications and internet companies to get away with?

Imagine you're standing in a lift line for the main quad at your favorite resort, at 10:30 AM on a beautiful Saturday in late January. Without warning the lift operator announces "unscheduled maintenance" and shuts down the lift for the rest of the weekend.

Think you'd complain?
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Happens frequently at the resort where I work. They can't seem to get the crews in place in time to finish preparing the ramps for offloading the chairs safely, so there's often a brief wait while they finish up with the shovel and rake work.

My ISP has been down twice in the last five years. once a truck took out the power supply to their building and they hadn't thought about having a stand-by generator because they were located across the road from the power station. The other time, some utility worker in a town 150 miles away cut their main phone connection. It shut down 911 services for half a dozen county sheriff's departments too. My ISP now is routed to AT&T through two or three different wirepaths.
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I'm in both the voice and data markets for telecom. There are so many differences between what the users are willing to pay for that they are very different when it comes to network reliability. Telecom for voice is just about the most robust and reliable industry outside of aerospace. It's considered a neccessity nowadays. Data on the other hand is a luxury and so puts up with an amazing amount of downtime since doing it cheap is more important than doing it in real-time. The bits and bytes of an Email can get there eventually and all out of sequence (your PC puts them back in order), but those samples of speech MUST get there on time and in sequence to be any good to your brain. The cost of the last few percentages of reliability go up exponentially after the 95% mark. Data is still nowhere near as reliable as voice because of computer's willingness to wait.
If your 'net connection and phone line are both down, which one do you want back first?

In my experience, customers ALWAYS want it cheap. They never think that an outage will happen to them untill they have to deal with the consequences with thier first outage. Then they decide to upgrade to more reliable facilities as part of the cleanup and damage control after the fact. Buy cheap, get cheap.

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