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Spring Gloves

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With the varied temperatures this January, I am now in the market for a pair of lightweight gloves. Currently, I have a pair of Hestra XCR Short gloves and love them, at least when it is below 40. I love the leather palm so that is a feature I would like in a spring glove.

I have done a search and found many references to the Marker and Seirus gloves. I have also found a pair of Smartwool and Hestra gloves.

Any opinions on any of these?
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I have Seirus softshell gloves, and they are great for spring gloves. Very light and breathable. However, they are not waterproof, and will soak up water if you pick up wet skis. I also have Scott spring gloves (Got them for about $15 on SAC) and Marmot spring gloves. Both have leather palms and are better all around gloves. The Marmots are great.
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I like a Dakine or Burton Pipe glove. Some models are gore-tex with leather palms.
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I also have the Scott spring gloves. I've had them for a couple of years. The fit real nice although they are starting to wear a bit now. But they are fairly cheap. I have thought about trying a pair of the mechanix type gloves for spring conditions.

Maybe something like these

or these
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I have the Marker leather spring glove. They are very nicely crafted but I don't like the grip much - kinda slick. XC ski gloves can make nice warm weather alpine gloves (Swix, Toko etc.). I also have a pair of those very grippy, snug fitting "Mechanix" gloves I have thought of trying.
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How about something like this:
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Originally Posted by 4cznskier View Post
I have the Marker leather spring glove. They are very nicely crafted but I don't like the grip much - kinda slick.
Wash the palms with saddle soap & put SnoSeal or Brooks Proofhide on them. Mine have outlasted 3 pairs of Reusch NorAms and one pair of Smartwool leather gloves, in spite of my using the Markers for out-of-track XC.

My one quibble has been that the fingers are not sewn tightly enough around the finger to downshift Shimano levers, so I had to get some Izumis.
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I use cheap work gloves. They work just fine.
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I agree that cheap work gloves are great, I know many people who swear by them and ski in nothing else... If you want to go a bit more techy, I just bought a pair of Rossignol spring gloves withl leather palms that I like a lot. (I've already cut a small hole in one finger with an edge, but gloves never last me more than one season anyways so oh well...) They fit well, have lots of dexterity, good grip, and have kept me warm down to about 15 or 20 degrees F.
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For spring in California, I use my windproof cold weather cycling gloves. If I didn't already have them, I'd probably use the work gloves.
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I have Rossignol TSG. Very soft and comfortable. Really like them.
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Also consider the OR "Vert Gloves" for truly warm temps. They have a leather palm, soft shell material and are very breathable. You can buy them alone or if you buy a pair of OR "Super Culoir" gloves, the Vert Glove comes as the liner for the outer glove thereby giving you two pair with three possible combinations for variable weather.
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