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Calling Colorado Bears!

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I have an interview for grad school at CU - Boulder on 1/25 :

I'm heading out (from Michigan) with my girlfriend, and we'll have exactly one day to ski (Saturday the 26th).

I have skied most of the big resorts in Summit Co., Vail, Aspen, etc. My girlfriend has never skied out west!!!

We will drive into the mountains on Friday night from Boulder, and fly out of Denver on Sunday morning.

Where would you ski? Where would you stay?

I don't want to drive further than Summit county - Vail is pushing it.

Would you stay in say... Frisco, and make your decision based on conditions that morning?

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Winter park, Mary Jane, and Vasquez for sure!!
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Ditto Mary Jane, or Lake Eldora(it's where you'll go for that 2 hour quickie on the slopes from Boulder)

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As long as the wind is calm, you got one day, Ski Loveland. It's the locals favorite! Friday night in Georgetown,Ski,Then head back to the Cow Town for some Sat. Night Action (Adams Mark or Brown Palace Hotel) catch a game Nuggets & a dinner!
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Winter Park for sure.
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