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Hot Buns

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Has anyone tried the Hot Buns from Snowshack online? Used to wear over your pants ,made of dry suit material.
Thinking about getting one for the spring skiing when my butt gets very wet when they get a lot of rain or wet snow on the lift seats.
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Gapish, but I know a lot of patrollers that love them.
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Been using a set for over 10 years here in the Pacific NorthWet where we get lots of mixed rain and snow. Highly reccomended.

In addition to keeping your seat warmer, another niceness is the ability to just take them and the load of snow/ice/water off at the end of the day and not have to change pants to keep the car seats dry.

They are also available at ReliableRacing supply in addition to Snowshack - check to see which one of them has them in stock.
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I've skied with the guy that makes them. He's a local at our hill. Tried to sell me a pair. Then he noticed I wear rain pants.Pacific Northwet ski report:30-50 mph winds and 29F.:
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I don't know how I have escaped getting a pair of these over the years. Know guys that wear them and they are alot more comfortable than me sitting in a puddle on the chair. Maybe I splurge and order a pair now.
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I used Hot Buns for years in a failing attempt to keep the real buns dry on chairlift seats. They're great for keeping you warmer on cold seats, but they don't really keep you dry because they don't enclose the crotch sufficiently. And they're useless in rain because the tops of your thighs get wet anyway.

My solution is to use racer training shorts. I found some made with waterproof/breathable technology that zip on and have been very happy the last two seasons. They serve well for both the cold and, especially, the wet.
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I hesitated for a number of years before i bought mine, but on a wet or snowy day, they work and I stay dry. If I had known I would not have waited.
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Butt Flaps

We bought something similar at Big Mountain in Montana a few years back. The tag says "Butt Flaps" and all the locals were wearing them. They are just a square, padded flap that attaches with a nylon belt and buckle around the waist. They look sort of weird from the back because they go down to the back of your knees, but on a night when it's "misting" and the chair is wet...I don't care HOW I look as long as my butt is warm and dry!
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Been using my new Hot Buns for three weeks, they are terrific. I do not have a problem with getting the crotch area wet.
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The hot buns can go inside pants as well. Less of "the look" that way, plus on snow days, nothing collects in the hamper.

They are not rain pants, true, but hot buns work for warm wet days as well as the really cold days. Cold haord chairs, you have met your match!
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Do they wear over pant or under?
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