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Tecnica Diablo Magma sizing advice

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Hi all, I know this has been addressed on several other threads but I need a bit of clarification, sorry if this seems redundant.

I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of Diablo magmas. They are on order through my local shop. My shoe size is US 9.5...Tecnica only had available a 26 liner with a 26-26.5 shell...according to them the difference between 26 and 26.5 is the footbed only...will prolly yank and put a custom in anyway. According to some charts I've seen, they indicate that I should be in a 27 liner.

Harkin Banks in another thread said he has an 8.5 shoe and is in the 26-26.5...

So I'm wondering is this liner/shell too small for me? I'll have a better sense when I actually do a shell size and feel how the 26 liner fits....but meanwhile can anyone give me some feedback on anyone elses experience with this boot, ie. street shoe size vs. shell/liner size...I can't afford to make a mistake and I know conventional wisdom says that the only problem that can't be resolved is a boot that is too big...

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I purchased this boot with the hyperfit liner this fall. US shoe size 8.5. Was fitted for a 25.0. Felt a little snug at first, but is great now after 7 days on the slopes. The Diablo Magma is more reponsive and lighter than the Icon X (25.5) I used before.
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My shoe size = 10, sometimes 10.5
My Diablo Magmas with hotform liners and custom footbeds are 26.5
Fit was extremely tight all last year. Much stretching and grinding done on the shell was required to achieve comfortable fit. Over the holidays, 2 weeks ago, finally achieved a level of comfort allowing me to keep boots on and buckled all day as opposed to taking them off every chance I got last season.

Recently I've been trying on lots of other brands (Lange, Head, Atomic, Dalbello, Nordica)and find that in nearly every case size 26.5 is way to small.

In the next few days I expect to replace the Technicas with Nordica Speed Machine. While I love the features of the Technica they put my knee's too far forward resulting in hips back and quads working too much even if I'm just standing on flat ground.

For you. If you don't have a wide forefoot and you are after a performance fit you are probably OK.
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I bought the Diablo Magma last year, shell 28/28.5, with 28 liner; my street shoe size is US 11. It started tight but is spot on now. I had Boot Doctors do custom insoles, which is worth every cent. The only drawbacks to this boot are a slightly low cuff height and somewhat soft flex, IMO.
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Originally Posted by KAZOOSKI View Post
For you. If you don't have a wide forefoot and you are after a performance fit you are probably OK.
My forefoot is fairly wide...I also liked the Sollie Falcon 10's, I tried them in a 27.5 shell but they felt a bit big, the 26.5 was too narrow for my forefoot, ergo the Magmas which had about 2mm's more room in the forefoot. BTW the magmas are the "hyperfit"

I'm coming from an old pair of Tecnica Explosion 8's in 27.5, which for the most part were fine but I suffered from black toe with them. Trying to avoid that problem.
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I've got the Tecnica Diablo Magnesiums from last year, FWIW I've got size 27.0 with 27.0 liner and I'm a US size 9.5 sometimes 10. I've got custom footbeds in them, I've done 4 weeks on them and I wouldn't want them any smaller, got to keep my toenails short for them.
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I typically wear U.S. 11 shoe but squeeze into a 26/26.5. I measure up to 27.0 on a Brannock (sp?) board. I wore the Magma again today in our shop and liked it. I also like the Agent 100 (same shell as the Magma) but might be a bit too soft.
I skied a Speed Machine 12 last year in a 27.0 and was totally taken by surprise. After the first hour of skiing, the liner packed out and I had way too much room. But in the shop, the shell fit seemed okay (not as close as I'm used too but not outrageous either) and the liner was so comfy and snug. Totally fooled me.
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I measure to a size 11.5 shoe...My Magma's are 28.5's and fit perfect.

Before this, I use to wear Icon's in a 29...
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Thanks for all the feedbacK!! Appreciate the help....

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Steve (sjcoll):  What did you finally decide on?  How is it working for you?
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Just to add one more opinion, I am a 9 and ski it in a 25.  Absolute perfect fit,I patrol in them so I am doing more than just ski,and I love them. Skied the Magnesium for four years previous.  Good luck!
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I'm in the Tecnica Diablo Magnesium.  I'm a size 12 in US shoes and wear the 29.5 boot.  It was very snug to start with but came good after a few days once the liner packed out.  Definitely keep the toe nails clipped short (no matter what boots you're wearing).  I've read somewhere the Diablo series runs big.
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