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Ski Boots/Pants thing - What is this?

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I apologize if this has been posted before.
I saw something unusual in the lift line the other day.
A couple of rows in front of me was a guy wearing ski pants with two holes in the seating area. A string ran from each hole to brackets which extended rearward from the tops of his boots. The brackets said CAD COM on them, but I have not been able to find anything ski related online.
Several people noticed the same thing, but no one was close enough to ask what the deal with them was.
Anyone know what this was?
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There was a thread last year about the CAD COM, I remember talking to someone at Vail back in the early 90's about this 'invention'. It works like an exoskeleton (sort of). Two rods are attached to a bungie cord material, the rods and bungy push up on the buttock, taking strain away from the thighs. People that have used them say it makes skiing less physically demanding...

I'd fear impalement of the nether regions.
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RayCantu on this board wrote me of his experience with them, and they sound perfectly credible. The person at Vail he recommended was Walter Dandy.
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Less physically demanding and 100% more gaper!

ETA - I saw what I think quickk9 is talking about at Breckenridge this weekend and I don't think it's these. I think it's the thing segbrown linked to. A friend of mine has knee problems and always needs to rest her skis on the safety bar thingy to relieve strain. My guess is the strings do the same thing. How perfectly weird, though...
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Yep, that's exactly what they were. If you think about it, it isn't a bad idea for aging boomers. They do look ridiculous and 100% gaper. However, when I am old, broken down and worn out (deliberate attempt at agist humor) if these things help turn a 2 hour day into a 6 hour day, then color me JONG - i'll wear them.

I've asked a few guys about their experiences and everyone seems to swear by them. You know, aside from their goofy ass appearance, they're really not too far from some of the armor knee braces you are starting to see out there - at least in theory.
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I take it back - according to the website, the rods are stored in the poles for riding the lift - and if it keeps you on the mountain, then I say go for it!

PS - I love "color me JONG"
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These haven't been visible on the slopes in these har parts for years, and they do look gaper, silly, whatever. On the other hand, what Que said - if they become the only way I can ski, I'll be the first in line to buy them and have then properly installed on but not in my a$$. I'm not yet convinced that their impact is more than placebo, but hey - whatever works.
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It's been a while that I've seen butt shocks on the hill. Stand up and ski like a man.
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