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This is an update of this thread and this thread.

To summarize before I get too long-winded, after about 3 hours with Billy, my boots feel better than I ever imagined ski boots could. If you're within a few hours drive of Philadelphia and need significant boot work done, it's definitely worth the drive to pay him a visit.

Now the long story:
I have short, wide, flat feet with high insteps and lowsy ankle flexibility, along with pretty large ankles/calves. After talking to Billy on the phone and getting recommendations for a few boot models to try and doing a lot of research online, I picked up a pair of Head S12s from level nine sports and Intuition Plug liners (same material as the power wraps, but 3mm thinner). Before going to see Billy, I wore the boots around my apartment for several evenings and skied on them twice. With the stock footbeds, my little toes and outside borders of my feet would get numb within about 20 minutes. I also have a set of downunders footbeds that didn't cause the numbness, but I experienced significant pain on the inside of my feet just above my arches. I also had issues staying out of the back seat (which is a problem I've felt with all the boots I've skied on previously) and tended to crouch more and more as I skied a run.

When I got to Billy's shop, he took a look at my feet and shoes and watched me flex my boots. He explained that my backseat issues were probably due to an alignment problem, and not necessarily a technique problem. The very first thing he did was remove the rear spoiler from the boots, which immediately had me standing straighter. He also experimented with various heel lifts to even the pressure between the balls and heels of my feet.

Next, he molded the Intuition liners. I was prepared for an uncomfortable experience, like the ones I've seen described in many DIY molding tutorials. The actual process, which involved heating the liners in the shells was very simple, not painful at all, and took a total of about 20 minutes.

After a few minor adjustments to the liners, we decided to try the boots with the chassis system (a boot board that makes the shell tighter around the heel and narrows the last from 103mm to 100mm) that came with the boots. The chassis took significant trimming on the outside of my foot and around my little toe; adjustments that were a piece of cake for Billy and helped give a more snug fit.

The thing I couldn't (and still can't) get over is how the boots almost felt loose, but there was no leeway for my feet to move without taking the booth with them, except for in the toe box. This is in contrast to the feeling I'd grown accustomed to with rental boots: buckles squeezing the feet and lower legs, crowded toes, and still being able to wiggle my feet inside of the boots.

Since having Billy work on my boots, I've skied twice. I have no discomfort while skiing and am able to feel centered over my skis for the first time. I feel a lot less stiff than I did before and my backseat and crouching issues are all but gone, and I feel like I can really make my edges dig in when I turn. To avoid sounding too much like an infomercial, I'll stop there, but I really feel like the work Billy did and the intuition liners, have improved every aspect of my skiing.

All that's left is figuring out which stiffness setting I prefer. . .