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With predictions of 5-10 feet, "storm of the century" warnings from NWS - I had been waiting, watching, hitting refresh every hour on nws, Caltrans road info and video cameras since Friday 1/4. The biggest one came in Friday, roads were closed on and off thru Friday and parts of saturday. Squaw was probably open Friday(minimally). Another huge storm came in Saturday evening. Initially the NWS warnings were thru 7pm Sunday. When i checked NWS warnings sat night - they had moved the warning back to 4am sunday.

Got up at 6am. checked road info - chain controls from Colfax to Nevada Stateline. Not being sure about conditions thru the rest of the day - checked Boreal's website (since it is closest to the freeway). apparently Boreal lost power on saturday and was going to be closed sunday as well. Checked Squaw's website - it said - KT was going to open at 9am, funitel at 11am, shirley lake at 12 noon. So I hit the road at 730am. By the time I reached Colfax - around 930am - they had moved the chain controls to Blue canyon. It was cold and snowing lightly. Reached squaw at 1130am. Funitel, Tram had been open since 10am but nothing else on the upper mountain. Lines at KT were a 15 min wait. so no freshies to be had anyware.

So, I decided to avail myself of the best deal I have ever seen. Sign up for an Adult Group lesson - 2 hours for $49. You can choose any level from 1 to 7. Went and stood at the Level 7 post. Nobody is ever there - other than myself.
so if you are the only person in a level - you get a private lesson for 1 hour !!!!! Hold on, the deal gets better. For an additional $29 you can extend it by an hour. So for a total of $78 (plus tip) you get a 2 hour private lesson!!!!! Sweet. I got a great instructor - Jill (highly recommend her).. So from 12-2 - we ran laps on KT - without having to wait in a line. What better way to improve my deep-powder skiing skills on a powder day !!!!!!!! She really drilled in the concept of throwing my body down the slope to keep my tips engaged. Worked on tha throughout the weekend.

I heard they finally opened shirley lake around 3pm. Never got to it.

Next day - monday - went back to squaw. website claimed late openings for Headwall, Siberia. So, went up the funitel and headed to shirley lake. most of it was groomed. But the bowl to the left was all fresh. Moved on over to Solitude. Plenty of fresh lines here. Even at noon - I couldn't see them spinning siberia or Headwall. But I saw them spinning Broken Arrow. Unfortunately - if you are coming from solitude - you need to hike up about 150 ft to get to top of Broken Arrow. But man - the snow was deep coming down the front side - I don't know what that area is called. Headed down to KT and spent the rest of the afternoon there.

ok - so the conditions. well! overall squaw reported 5 feet in the upper mountain. Snow was light both days as it was unusually cold for Tahoe the whole weekend. Temps never went above mid-to-high 20s. In terms of depth I would say it was about knee high. Since this was a windy storm - my guess is the snow got packed down. although squaw is reporting 85-100 in base depth - I hit plenty of rocks. This was my first trip to tahoe this season - so i can't imagine what it must have been like before this storm. They need another 3-4 feet. Looks like they may get another foot today.

NWS had really scared everybody about the size of the storm and potential effect on road conditions. With proper timing - i made in it in 4 hours - door to door from South bay. Stayed in Reno for the night. Both Tahoe and Reno were deserted. There is normally a 15 min wait to checkin at the Casino hotel. The lady at the checkin desk told me i was the 7th person in 3 hours. I thought this was probably due to all the warnings about the storm - but she said it is also due to high gas prices.

Anyway good trip overall.