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Junior Patrol

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Hey guys, we're starting up a Junior Patrol program here at my primary patrol location. (ages 15-17)

I'm looking for some cheap nylon pullover type jackets or vests so we can have some sort of identification for them on the hills. We can have them printed fairly cheap, just looking for blank nylon jackets/vests.

Anyone have any ideas? Cheap is the key word here. We're a poor patrol!!

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I've seen "coaches" pull overs on ebay by the same seller pretty consistently. They are a windbreaker type. Listed in the baseball or athletic attire sections.
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Good luck with the Junior Patrol BTW. My daughter wishes there was one at our local hill. But alas, none of us seem to have the time to put it together.
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Here's cheap! $15 to $18 a copy on nylon jackets with an insignia.
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