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Recommendations around Albany, NY for next Friday

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I've a business trip up to Albany, NY next week, and am thinking to return home on Friday instead of Thursday, based on the possibility of getting some turns in. Any recommendations on resorts local or close to Albany where the conditions and the resorts are good would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Your timing could not be worse

On new years day I was catching thigh-high powder shots at Jiminy Peak on a natural snow trail that rarely opens.

Today, it is approaching 60 degrees in DT Albany.

You have lots of options but I have not kept up on conditions. I am not sure what kind of skier you are or what type of areas you enjoy.

Jiminy Peak is less than 40 miles from albany. It has northern exposure so may be protected.

Hunter is on the way home but it is further south and I am not sure what is open. It has some very aggressive trails.

Check out Alpine Zone: There are a lot of Hunter faithful on that forum and they could give you up to the minute conditions.

The resorts in Southern Vt are all less than 80 miles away.
http://www.stratton.com/index.htm - AKA "Flatton" I heard that they have tons of snow. It is not that bad IMO.

http://www.mountsnow.com/ The north side has some steep stuff.

Also, I almost forgot Magic has reopened. This is a throwback but very dependent upon natural snow.

http://www.bromley.com/ ** $25 weekday ticket - Sun all day - old school vibe.

Of course the forecast is for freezing rain on Friday.

If you want to go further north then we are considering Gore and Whiteface in NY and Okemo and Killington in VT. These are all around 120 miles away or less.

Good Luck. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.
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Options aplenty!!! Thanks for the recommendations
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I often do day trips from Saratoga Springs, NY,which is about 20 minutes north of Albany.

Getting to Southern VT ,while not far or hard, is all back roads. It takes about 1:45 to get to Stratton. Mt. Snow is closer. Jiminy is about an hour, probably a bit less from Albany, but is much smaller than other areas within range. Gore is about 1.5 hrs from Albany, due north up 87, has around 2000' vert. Killington, which is huge and has a great variety of terrain, is about 1:45 from Albany. Catskills areas like Hunter and Windham are about an hour and range about 1500' vert.
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I live right in Albany and the best place to catch some turns is definetly jiminy Peak. It's very close and has about 44 trails open. I went this afternoon and it was like skiing in the spring, a little slushy later in the afternoon. They have a good base however but it is suppose to rain tomorrow, gotta love NY. But if you want to catch some turns my buddy and I are planning on going on friday. I try to ski 4-5 times a week at jiminy and really love the place I could show you the Mountain if you want. It works for me because I'm a full time business major at Suny Albany and don't have school till the 23rd so were trying to ski everyday till school starts. Let me know what's up! If not have fun!
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Greetings from an ex-albany girl. The Times Union publishes this map, shows driving radius times for the surrounding area. Gives you a good idea where's where.
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I'm at Windham Mountain almost every day and can give you a report on conditions there toward the middle of next week.

It's about 45 minutes away from albany.

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I ski at Jiminy Peak. The conditions around here have gone down the tubes. Still plenty of snow left, but by the time you get here I am afraid it will have frozen rock solid.

If you can afford to travel a little, I'd look at Mt Snow, Stratton and Gore. All three are somewhat dull but bigger than Jiminy. They should also have better conditions. If it gets cold, Mt Snow will lay down a nice surface with their new fan snowmaking. That would help alot.

If you want harder terrain, go to Killington. From Albany it's under 2hrs.

If you wind up going to Jiminy, PM me and we can do some runs together. Saturday looks good for Jiminy or Mt Snow for me.
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That Times-Union map has some pretty conservative driving based on the time. I just drove from the Albany airport right past Whiteface and it was 2 hours, 20 minutes without pushing it at all - the map says more than 3 hours. I live 20 minutes north of the airport and make it to Gore in 1 hour on the nose - the map says almost 2 hours.

As others have said, unless we get some snow, it's going to be a big block of ice no matter where you go. I'll be at Gore Tue - Fri. I'm sharpening edges now. It's a shame too, because it was the best December I've ever seen in the NE.
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When conditions get to the bulletproof stage I think Okemo. They have the best snowmaking and grooming in the region.
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Originally Posted by crank View Post
When conditions get to the bulletproof stage I think Okemo. They have the best snowmaking and grooming in the region.
That's what they are famous for.

Jiminy Peak, Sunday - e-coupon. Print a coupon and buy a ticket for $35.00.
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