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Helmet Sizing Confusion

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I'm in the market for a new helmet. I have a Boeri that's 7 years old and I think it would be worthwhile to update the piece of equipment in the interest of my noggin (and it's contents).

I looked at some online and measured my head to see what size I'd want to be. It came out to be 21.75 inches, which equals a little over 55 cm, which also corresponds with the last fitted hat I owned, which was a 6 7/8. Then I tried some helmets on at REI. The helmet I thought that fit my funny shaped head (ovalish with a lump on the top) the best was the Leedom. Here's where I got confused. By Leedom's sizing, I should be between a M and ML. However they only had a S and a M, and the S fit better I thought. The M had a bit of side-to-side play, whereas the S didn't, yet wasn't too snug to be comfortable. Further complicating matters, I read through some past threads here and people said that Leedom's run small (a L for multiple people in a Giro meant an XL in a Leedom) Had I not cared about sizing, I would've gotten the small, but the engineer in me wants to know I'm getting the right size. Any thoughts? Also, I tried on the Giro's with the adjustability. I like that feature, but I feel as though it didn’t help me. I could tighten the M to fit my head with the adjustment, but it was pretty big to start off. The S fit but on the biggest setting of the adjustment.
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just replying as an innocent bystander with absolutely no expertise.

i just got my daughter a new helmet two weekends ago. the salesperson who was very helpful said that there should not be too much play in your helmet. She had my daughter shake her head and if the helmet moved, she said it was too big.

Also, as an engineer, i think that you probably already realize that measuring your own diameter reeks of many potential inaccuracies.

Finally, do you really want to be playing with your helmet on the slopes? i would think that comfort should be near if not at the top of your list.
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