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I am 5'7", 25 yrs old, and 130lb (light weight). I can easily navigate black diamond trails on the east coast, and have been skiing for a few years. I have been renting all the time, and its hit or miss. I am in a toss up between buying the models listed below. I still consider myself entry level intermediate as at times, I feel not so confident. If im skiing in pennsylvania, its mostly hard pack and ice, i go up to hunter as well where the trails are more forgiving condition wise. Any help on recomendations from the models below would be great.

Head C220 I
K2 Comanche 3 or 4 Coms
K2 Omnis 4.5 or 5.5
Salomon Scream 8

All these skis are in the same price range, I was just wondering if some of you more experienced skiiers could give some advice on a good purchase.