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I have read a lot about the Prophets, in fact I had a pair in plastic in my place for 6 months. I picked them up cheap last summer, ended up with Mantras, and got rid of them. Now I am thinking my 184 Mantras mounted back would be complimented nicely by some shorter Line's for east coast skiing.

I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the set I had, but I also think the 179 might be better for what I want to do. Looking for something fat and fun that I can make short turns on, survive some bumps, and ski east coast trees. If I want to charge I would ski something else . . . I am a big dude at 6'1 200, but don't mind making short turns on 165 Fischer WC's or 175 Supersports. Therefore, since they won't be a real powder board why do I need a 186 anyway??