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Anyone know of a better deal/ski? Nordica Beast for $199

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I'm looking or a lively bump, crud, ski, that will put a smile on my face. I don't like deadened, dampened, stiff skis.

I demoed Nordica Beasts a few years back (haven't skied since) and really liked them relative to the Rossi B1 & B2,and Salomon Screams I tried. They were all too dead/damp or stiff for my style/taste.

Last skis I bought were Rossi 4M mogul ski, which I really liked.

Seems I can buy a pair of new 2005/6 Nordica Beasts online for $199.

Should I pull the trigger, or is there a better deal/ski out there?

Any thoughts, reccos?

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I have two pairs, just bought one a few days ago, it was $400 marked down to $220. I think I paid about $220 for the other pair too, so I think $199 is probably reasonable once you pay shipping.
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best deal on a powder ski, i have ever heard of. I paid 399 for mine. they are great skis, but have a slow speed limit. good in powder, smooth groomed but not as good on anything in between.
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That is a pretty good deal. I spent about $300 for mine about 18 months ago. Its a really nice light ski for soft snow. Works well in bumps too. I made mine my touring skis because they are light and ski pow well.
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The Beast that one of my friends skis is from 2004 or 2005 and is 92mm waist and not really a bump ski but it will blow through crud and lousy snow like the freight train it is. Probably there's a bunch of rippers out there somewhere who would take the Beast into the bumps, but based on the one my friend has (red ski with a pattern like Volkls from the 70s) it seems like that's not what it's made for. But the above people seem to have a different experience... at that price it's worth the try, I think.
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they made several different beasts- a 72 or 74 waisted model as well as the 92
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Make sure its the 92mm waist Beast. There are lots of other Beast models out there that aren't as good. I have a pair in 177cm length....I'm 5' 11", 180#. I've found them to be fun in Rocky Mountain moguls but mediocre in tightly packed moguls.
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Thanks all. I sent the Nordica's back, as they were not the 74 TT that I thought they might be. (I've skied a lot, but only this year am I actually paying attention to sidecuts and numbers, etc.)

Anyway, I bought some K2 Public Enemy's instead. Just skied 7 days in Park City/Alta. The K2s were OK. I think the 85 width is not for me, too sloppy in the bumps, and they didn't hold the edge so great. I prefered a pair of Rossi Bandit B74 my friend was demo'ing - we had the same sized boot. They were lighter, nimbler, quicker, held better edge, etc, with relatively the same stiffness. Also prefered the Rossis over some Legend 8000s and K2 Recons he demoed. Though the Recons were pretty good too, though not as nice for my purpose as the Bandit.
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Another warning for anyone lookings at Beast skis. Many of the Beast models required Nordica bindings with a specific interface to mount on the Beast. These bindings are hard to come by making these skis pretty much worthless. Unscrupulous dealers on eBay are still selling the skis alone.
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$199. That's like 130 euros. Any ski at that price is a good deal. Buy 'em for rocks. Buy 'em to lend to friends. Buy 'em to shovel out your drive. Buy 'em.
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