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What exactly is "Freesking"

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When I hear this phrase I interpret it as...just skiing. That is, not racing, not instructing, not clinicing, not drilling/practicing...just skiing, for the enjoyment of the sport.
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Originally posted by whitney:
Yeah.... like ... free!!!!! Without a purpose except for the sheer enjoyment of sliding down a snowy slope.
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I could definitely be wrong, but it is my impression that it refers to "freestyle" skiing, or trick skiing.
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And, don't ever make the mistake of freeriding instead of freeskiing or freestyling. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Tom / PM

PS - Coach had it right.

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free skiing is good. Lift tickets are expensive these days.
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Depends upon the context. If the term is applied generally, it's what coach said. In an evaluation setting like a certification exam, it has a more specific meaning.
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I first heard the term when the coach's told the race team kids to go ski outside of the pratice course. They would tell the kids to go freeski and be back after a couple of runs.

The other people who use it are employees of the mountain. Who freeski when there not working. As I'm freeskiing Saturday but working Sunday. Where as I normally work on Saturday's and freeski on Sundays. For the vacation weeks I work the first and every other day of the holiday period and freeski the second and every other day of the holiday period.

Is that more info then you needed to know? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:
Is that more info then you needed to know? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
Hey...at least it was free.
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The term freeskiing was, and still is used to mean skiing outside of the constraints of a course, competition, lesson, work, etc.

The term now has an added definition; meaning a style or groups of styles of skiing.

It DOES NOT mean "freestyle" - As freestyle became mainstream, it became highly regulated - mogul competitions had to have so many bumps, so many jumps, inverted aerials were prohibited.

And so, was no longer a "free" style.

Freeskiing was the term used to refer to styles that have now evolved into "park" or "jib"; and "big mountain" styles.

Freeskiing competitions differed from traditional competitions in that the skier was not bound by any course, choice of line, speed or style of maneuver. Essentially, an "anything goes" competition.

Freestyle was "daffies" in a mogul course; Freeskiing is "lincoln loops" off a cliff in the backcountry.

While it would be possible for any recreational skier to refer to his or her self as a freeskier, the term now has a connotation of big mountain style.

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Here's the Vail definition.

January 29 - February 1, 2004

FREEZE Magazine brings the greatest ski event in the world back to Vail on January 29 to February 1 with the 2004 Nature Valley U.S. Freeskiing Open. Watch the world's best skiers as they vie for the title of Nature Valley U.S. Freeskiing Open Champion. New this year, there'll be bleachers, booming sound system, and Jumbotron with instant replay. The Nature Valley U.S. Freeskiing Open is sponsored by Nature Valley Granola bars and presented by SAAB. Visit http://dialog.snow.com:80/ctg=1.33rt...l.n525&i=26078 for event schedule, lodging deals and more!
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These days it seems "freeskiing" is a skier doing snowboarder tricks.
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Originally posted by MrHyak:
These days it seems "freeskiing" is a skier doing snowboarder tricks.
Yes, especially the part where they cross one ski over the other...
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I think that usage of freeskier grew out of the earlier definition of freeskier, as in one skiing fo the pure enjoyment of skiing, who just started doing other things for fun, which eventually evolved into doing tricks that are certainly similiar in scope to what snowboarders have been doing, and who now are collectively and generically known as freeskiers. I may also be WAY off, but that is my interpretation.
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The act of just going out and ripping it up. No racing/gates, no lessons, no teaching, no clinics, no drills.

Skiing for yourself, damn the rules...park and ride some eye watering turns if you feel like it! Catch air wherever you feel the need. Do a grab, stick a trick or just plain fly. Having fun.

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