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Mammoth got HAMMERED!

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Just got back last night after spending the last week at Woolly. Official report says 6-8 feet, but I would guess that most of the mountain got more like 8-10. First snow was sticky and wet, and then it cooled into the teens and puked from Friday afternoon until yesterday afternoon. Local weather guy was saying snowfall rates of 4-6 inches per hour. Most of the lower mountain stayed open, and it was... well words can't do it justice. I'll try to post some pics I took if I can figure out how to do that. It was epic blizzard skiing!!!
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When did they get the top opened up?
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I don't believe they've been able to open it yet. They had lots of work to do on the mid-upper section of the mountain first. As of this morning it still isn't open and now they're supposed to get more snow through tomorrow.
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