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Shipping luggage or checking luggage?

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I have my first trip to Snowmass coming up in four weeks. There are five of us going, three adults and two kids, including a two year old.

After hearing horror stories of lost luggage and luggage missing flights due to weather, I have been seriously considering shipping our ski clothes and other things we might normally check via FedEx so it is already there when we arrive. Also, it saves the hassle of dragging all those bags, plus two kids and all the other crap that goes along with kids.

Has anyone else ever done this or does anyone have any cons to this approach to travel?
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Some people like to ship there bags, but it does cost a fair amount. I would just carry on anything that you must have. Have a one way car rental reserved in Denver and if your flight gets canceled, just jump in the rental and drive. Your luggage will probably arrive at the Aspen airport the next day.

When they have a lot of cancellations, United will charter buses to take passengers up to Aspen. They throw as much luggage as they can in the buses and truck the rest up. It is inevitably is a cluster #@%^ that you don't want to be a part of. Plus if you ride the bus, they don't have to refund the DEN-ASE portion of you flight. For five people that would be at least $500 and you can get a rental for around $100.
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I ship my ski bag usually with all ski clothing in it...the way I figure it, there is a 50 lb weight limit on bags. Over 50 lbs and you're paying a minimum of $50 AND you still have to carry it. For a bit more, you can ship the bag, know that it got there via tracking, and be able to move faster through the airport check in and security.

I flew back from Jackson Hole on Saturday, one of the only flights to get out, delayed by a mechanical for three hours, missed my connection, made it onto a red-eye out of Denver to Boston...and my bag was there when I got to Boston, but I had shipped the skis back so didn't have to wait around for that one. Definitely worth it to me if you're traveling with kids especially! People on my flight from Jackson were going on to Snowmass. No flights got out of DIA that night or the next morning for weather reasons so they ended up driving up in the rental they had already reserved.
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It seems like a hastle to use Fed Ex for this purpose. Flying to Snowmass may be easy but then how would you ship all the stuff back?

I do one or two airline ski trips per year with the family and have yet to have any major problems. Since you're flying from a warm weather state into cold weather make sure that you are carrying a complete set of warm clothing especially if you end of driving to Snowmass from Denver and not flying. In addition to warm clothing it might not be a bad idea to carry a bathing suit, then if your stuff does get lost you'll still be able to hang out in the hottub with the nanny.

Regarding the weight limit and skis, I don't know why, but airlines don't seem to weigh ski bags.

It is highly recommended by many people on this board and elsewhere to carry your boots on the plane (well fitting boots being the only irreplacable piece of equipment). It seems geeky to me, but is probably good advice.
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