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Abductor boots

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Last year I visited Jeff Bergeron who recommended that I consider an abducted boot in general and the Fischer RC4 Race in particular. Since there was no Fischer dealer near me I ordered them through a place in the NE. Unfortunately, for reasons too long to review I have lost the parts to the cuff cant adjustment and am having a devil of a time getting parts. This whole experience has soured me on the Fischer boot line, but I do like the abductor stance. Any recommendations regarding other companies or boots. I have a very narrow heel and calve but a bunion on my L great toe and tend to need my boots punched at the forefoot. I also like to ski glades and bumps so don't want anything too stiff.
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Without knowing more info, Nordica has the "Aggressor" model on the Doberman line and it's available with a worldcup last (95mm). It is available in a few different stiffnesses and is a viable option for an abducted boot. Why are you having such a hard time finding the proper parts for the shaft alignment assembly? If you already have the boot, and like it, maybe I can help you? Please reply with more info.
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The screw on the cant assembly tends to come loose on its own. Unfortunately, I was on the hill with a slightly wrong sized allen wrench and stripped the screw. Unlike most screws, this screw was basically riveted to the assembly. I sent the boot to SkiDepot at the end of last season(where I bought it originally). Rather than send it back to Fischer (which in retrospect they should have done), they drilled out the riveted screw and put a regular one in. That one came out while I was skiing and the whole assembly is now sitting in the snow in Big Sky. I've been talking to Ski Depot and they have no extra parts and have been calling and waiting to hear back from Fischer for 9 days now. I guess I can send it to them and have them send it to Fischer, but given the way things are going I figure I won't have it back until next ski season. Any advice you have would be much appreciated.
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sounds a bit like the shop is either very busy or can't be bothered to sort the problem for you

why not call up the distributor yourself and explain the situation, most companies have a customer service dept who should be able to help with a simple request like this.

the screw they normally use in these assemblies is captive to prevent exactly what has happened to you, it is not difficult to put a standard screw into the system and a little bit of thread lock should reslove the problem, if you get the original screw from fischer then any shop with a rivet press should be able to crimp the end of it for you

can someone supply the number for fischer USA customer services or a complete assembly for this boot
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I agree that this seems like it should be a simple thing to solve and I have asked Ski Depot to send me the parts. Unfortunately, it appears Fischer isn't getting back to them. I left a message for their rep and tried to sound pretty desperate and have yet to hear back. Any suggestions as to how to fix this thing.
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I put a call into Fischer warranty and we'll see if I can get you the parts.
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I would be forever in your debt
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This is good, one of the advantages of having us boot guys scattered around the globe.

The screw is captive to keep it from falling out, but by no means is that a requirement for it working properly. I agree with CEM that a little time spent should get you up and working without purchasing new boots.

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