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Mt. Baldy, SoCal, Jan. 11

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allegedly "three feet" of new, "runs down to the lot," and "working to get chair 4 going," enough for me to take a shot at it friday for first turns of the year - finally.

never can be sure with those folks but the view of baldy today from downtown sure is purdy.

i'll be lapping chair 3.

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I'm going to be spending a 1/2 day (after about 12:15pm) on Friday the 11th. Never been before and wouldn't mind some company.
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I did see that thread; then a meeting came up in the am in Claremont so I figured why not. Hopefully the fluff doesn't get too heavy, looks like it's gonna warm up for the rest of the week.
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not heavy, "springy."
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I'll be positive and hope that it'll just make for less rocks on my skis. I've only got one pair so hopefully they'll make it out without a core shot.
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