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Tuning Book Recommendation?

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Can anyone recommend a good (and up to date) book for a person who tuned his own skis way back in the day but can't quite remember what the hell to do anymore?
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try the swix and holmenkol websites. They have it all.
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I just use the little (free) foldout in the Tognar catalog!
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Terry has some pretty good tips at http://slidewright.com, I have also used the Tognar catalogue tips and have a pretty good video that I will lend you if you like. It is a vcr "ski tuning with hand tools" by Seth Masia 2005. I think that I got it from Tognar. Send PM if you want to use it.

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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
try the swix and holmenkol websites. They have it all.
www.holmenkol.us Click on: Techsection/tuning and Wax articles
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I'd look for a DVD. Artech has a good one.
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The Sun Valley Ski Tools DVD is quite good.
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I have the SVST and Tognar DVD's and the SVST DVD is much better.
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The SVST video is very good. Justin Harvey gets a little tongue-tied trying to use big words in it which always makes me laugh, but the guy certainly knows his stuff.

race-werks.com has a clip of the video on their site if you want to preview it.

It is also up on youtube.

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