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hey there,

im wonderin if any of you nice die hard skiier types can help me out.......

somewhere in the late 80s early 90s..i saw a ski video......called i believe extreme skiing...i think might have had the number 3 in it.....but im not sure

anyway at the beginning of this movie...its kinda a black screen with opening credits and all you here is wind....then this piano thing starts....very catchy melody.....Ii could hum it for you

so is my problem..i very much want to find that piece of currently doing a ski website in flash, that this music would be perfect for.....

so, does anyone out there know what iam talking about...i think the band/ artist that made the song had the word machine in the title.or pipe...but im not sure..

does anyone know the name of this or have it (the movie) sitting around maybe mp3 able.....

thanks very muchj in advance,