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Sugarbush, VT

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I need to go to Burlington, VT next week on business and I'm trying to fit in some skiing. I'd like to try Sugarbush - Any suggestions on where to stay and eat? Or, other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Keep an eye on conditions as the East is experiencing the famous January thaw this week. Sugarbush had great snow this past weekend and we are watching to see how the snow pack fairs.

If you have the bucks stay at Claybrook or the Sugarbush Inn. If you are being thrifty the Golden Lion at the bottom of the access to Sugarbush South on Rt 100 is fine.

For eats I really like John Eagan's Big World Pub and Restaurant on the corner of Rt100 and Rt 17.

Another option is to stay in Waterbury at the Best Western just off I-89. It has good views and is reasonable. In Waterbury have a few beers and food at the Alchemist which is probably the best brew pub in New England and the food is creative.

Be aware that Burlington has great places to eat and it is an easy drive to reach Sugarbush or MRG.
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Skied Killington today. Great snow (soft but not heavy) but lots of fog/clouds except at lower elevations. Some bare spots starting to appear. With some time to recover, next week should be OK. Just not the epic conditions we saw in December.

I have stayed at the Golden Lion several times (but not recently). I liked the place.
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