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Community Support? Can you help me?

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One of the aspects of these bulletin boards is they give us a chance to build a community with others with a passion for skiing. I thought I'd turn to this community to see if I might gain any help from such a vast network of people.

My small software company has just shut down it's west coast sales and service to focus sales and marketing efforts closer to the HQ in Boston. This has left me me unemployed for the first time since I began my professional career 15 years ago.

If any of you know of any Sr. Sales, Business Development, Channel sales, or support opportunities within your own company, or friend's company would you be kind enough to drop me a personal message letting me know who I should contact?

I've spent 15 years in Sr. Sales and Sales Management selling enterprise software and professional services. For the past 7 years I've been in the VP, Regional VP, or Director roles. I am looking to other industries in this search and would consider other positions.

Luckily, I already have my season's pass and a place to stay all winter long, so hopefully I won't have to sacrifice skiing. I just won't be able to buy food in the lodge. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Thank you if you can help.
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Hell, Bullet. I can't buy food in the lodge, and I'm still working.

Not to make light of your predicament....... Sorry, I'm in the wrong market to help you, but good luck with your search. Stay focussed, and something will come along. I've been there.
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Bullet - It turns out I just found out today that I am probably going to be able to hire a business development person, but unfortunately, they need to have some very specific expertise in the pharmaceuticals / drug development industry. I mention this not to get your hopes up, but to let you know that such higher level openings arise more often than one might think. The very best of luck to you. Wish I could help.

Tom / PM
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Best of luck, Bullet. I'll plant a little seed for you, though, if you hadn't considered it: you'd be far from the first person in your situation to begin a second career at a ski resort.....

How are you at teaching?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Good idea Bob...hey Bullet, got black pants?
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It stinks Bullet. You've found a "career path" and found some success for a while... getting the rug yanked out from under you really sucks.

After not finding "real jobs" either in computers (me) or physics(my skigirl), two of us "refugees" are happily teaching skiing, doing retail in quaint shops, bootfitting, computer consulting, house-sitting, etc.

Hey wait a sec, Bullet, how's about Breck! Black pants work here too! There's a park & pipe ski teaching thing going on over here (not me, I'm too old and fat).

I CAN'T believe I get paid for teaching skiing sometimes. Just think about it, it's better than most jobs! Especially after "doing time" as a "cube-person"!

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Don't despair. At your level the package should be very rich by most peoples standards, and I know you've got something tucked away, so don't get overly concerned with lost wages. Stay focused on the networking process, this was a good start. Networking is time consuming but it works, be patient and keep at it. Something will turn up. Keep us posted!
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. The market is very ugly right now.

Bob, Robin, and SnoKarver I am seriously considering teaching, or coaching racing. It seems breaking into instructing is like getting a job as an actor. You can't get hired unless your certified, but you can't get certified unless you have at least 50 hours of teaching. I spoke in length with Mammoth on the topic. Nice folks, but turned me away. I'm looking at a local Mtn. in SoCal (Mtn. High) as a place where I might log some hours. I'd even consider moving to Colorado for the winter to gain experience and certification.

Yes, I do have black pants, but they just don't look as cool as my Khakis.
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