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I know my foot size, please help me find a good boot

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Hi and thanks in advance to anyone who bother to help me find a good pair of boots.

I have a rather big foot, length-wise. My size is 12.5-13, which translates to a 30 shell.

However my foot is not particularly wide (it is not very narrow either, but it might be slightly narrow for its size.) It is obviously not small by any means, and the instep is normal sized, maybe even slightly high (if so, just a little..) My calves are also normal (relative to my foot size obviously.) My ankle is normal to maybe slightly big.

In summary, I would be alooking for a boot that is available in a large shell, but is not for sasquatch-width feet. Unfortunately, in my experience when you go to the larger sizes, the designs seem to be aimed at high-volume feet.

I am looking for non-racing boots that will perform well all over the mountain.

What boot do you think might fit my requirements? I.e. what is a good boot for narrower feet, with normal-ish overall volume, that would be available in a large shell, such as 30?

Thanks again!

Best to all and enjoy the massive dump Tahoe just received.

And if you have any ski boot places htat you like around the Bay area or South Lake let me know.
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Not truethat longer boots are for higher volume feet. Rather the boot design is locked in according to the performance level desired, more expensive boots tend to be lower volume and higher performance and then everything volume wise is altered proportionally as size increases.

Therefore if your foot is narrow you are automatically looking for a higher performance boot if you need low volume foot. Would say a shell fit probably will show you are a 29 not a 30 and you need to go from there.

No reason to be scared of a race boot, just buy the correct flex. Since fit is key you must buy the length, volume and flex that yields appropriate fit and performance without worrying about purpose of boot according to manufacturer.

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Thanks for the response. I was wondering about specific boots I should consider in my search.

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your search should be for a good boot fitter (and let them worry about the fit)
and what Lou said about size. look for more the 29's then 30's but AGAIN look for a shop/person first

lange HP fit
salomon impact
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Thanks for the responses so far... Since a lot of the ski stores around the SF bay area are staffed by incompetent people this is really helpful. Do you know any good stores in the bay area?
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Can't help with the Bay area, but what about a trip to Reno to see Bud and then some skiing to test everything?
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I had a good experience with Jeff at Powder House Ski in South Lake Tahoe. Went in on an uncrowded a weekday and pretty much spent the entire afternoon trying and fitting boots. I ended up with the Atomic FR RT 210 which fit very well and did not require extensive buckling to fit my narrow foot. Jeff corrected a couple of small pressure points and did cuff alignment and everything. I skied the boots once already, and I like them although they are much stiffer than my current boots, so it will take some getting used to, but they are much more responsive than other boots I've tried. I think the combination of the stiff boot and my really soft ski (pocket rockets) and the wind-affected powder (especially after it tracked out) made it more challenging, but I will get used to it. I do think that I have some alignment issue with my left leg though: I consistently find it hard to pressure the left boot (for example it feels "stiffer") than the right one. Doing some one-leg balancing on land makes it seem like it is harder for me to get my left hip over my left foot for some reason: this could be a flexibility, dominant leg strength issue, which did not seem to be helped by cuff alignment.

All in all, two thumbs up for Jeff (and Brent, who is apparently well known in the area) from Powder Ski House in South Lake Tahoe.
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