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What size ski?

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Im looking into a pair of Armada ARV's for the park and pipe what size should I get, Would they be the same size as normal skiing ski is? Im 5'11" 215lbs..

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The ARVs come in 175 and 185. If you will only be doing park and pipe, 175 will be the right choice, but if you want more stability all mountain, the 185 might be better.

If all you are doing is park and pipe, there are better skis out there for that. The ARV is a great ski but it is not park specific. Hope this provides some help!
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I'll be doing all MT but focusing on pike and park, i just dont want to have to switch skis threw out the day so if i get board of the park I can hit the slopes for a bit
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At that height and weight I'd go with the 185's. They'll be a little harder to whip around in the air, but the additional 10cm will make a huge difference on the snow.
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i have heard that even though the ARV is soft when flexing it, this is not refelective of how it skis i.e. stable at high speeds, holds an edge on hardpack.
is this true?
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