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Olympic Flame!

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Well my fellow bears i just have to share this with you!
I just watched the Olympic flame Make it's way up Main St. Park City.It was a pretty exciting moment.Thousands of people packed the Street and you could hear the crowd cheer as the flame made it's way up the Street. At Top of Main St they lite a cauldron and had a brief ceremony complete with speeches, live bands and Fireworks!Somehow afternoon Fireworks just aren't the same.You can really feel the excitment in the air.There are TV crews from Germany, China,Japan,England, and well from all over the world. The Today Show is Broadcasting live from The Canyons ski resort,The last few days have been perfect Bluebird days with good snow conditions so it should look pretty good on TV.Speaking of good skiing where are all the skiers? I bet there was only about 500 to 600 people skiing yesterday.It was like having the whole mountain to yourself.Lift lines? What lift Lines!? You have to wake the lifty up when you get up to the chair.The biggest crowd all day was all the cops and security people that were skiing at The Canyons.I don't think i ever felt safer from ski thieves then yesterday afternoon.
It sounds like one hell of a party out there!They closed off Main St to Cars and it will remain a Predestine mall for the next two weeks.I'll post more odd tid bits from from The Olympic Heart of Alpine Skiing!Right now I'm going to go out and enjoy the Party
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Hey Utah, I think that I'll head up that way for the party this weekend! Should be a good time! Unless of course, I feel the need to go to Bud World in downtown!

Speaking of crowds, skied on Tuesday as well as both days this weekend at both Snowbird and Alta, nobody was there! This is stupid, why does everybody think that this place is crowded? Conditions have been great!

With a storm moving in tomarrow morning, the inversion should be moving out of the valley and the views should get back to normal. What do you think the media is going to do on the "We Think Utah Sucks, Band-wagon?"
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Alta, Bring your skis I promise not to tell your Alta friends you skied The Park City side I'll be working both Sat and Sunday this weekend. Stop by Taminah Gallery 608 Main St and say hi.
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I'll do what I can to swing through. I'm not to worried what my Alta friends think, they can deal. Hey, I don't even tele!

But, its what my Winter Park friends think that I have to worry about. Its their pick on where I ski this weekend. I'll suggest PC, its a fun place.

Am I supposed to just waltz into your gallery and ask for Utah49? People are going to look at me funny on that one!
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Ask for Doug!He works here to,........Oh wait thats me!
By the way to save yourself some time and hassle,and a few Bucks. If your going to ski this side of the Wasatch, go to the Canyons There isn't any parking at PCMR or Derr Valley The Canyons also have a book of 5 lift tickets good for Feb for $100.00 $20.00 a day sking is almost as good as skiing Alta.If you have a ticket or two left over I'll buy them from you.
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wow!.. I can hear lots of music and revelry from the direction of the medals plaza.. helicopters flying overhead... maybe I'll get out of the bunker after all. The torch is passing my HOUSE tomorrow at 6:30 and all the neighbors are getting together to cheer. Called Snowbasin and reserved lift tix (other thread} for Sunday and Monday to see what we can see.. This should be great.. And Utah, if I make it into P.C. during this thing I'll stop in to see the gallery.. Have fun guys...
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That sounds very cool! You guys keep us informed about what's going on Olympic-wise in UT.
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Ya baby !!!!!!!
the Olympic Flame is here, it's time to sit back, buckle up, and watch the best do thier thing.
I too was in Park City on Mian street, when the torch came by.
Park City will be the place to part as Utah49 says. Budwieser even put up a beer tent on Main street.

Yes where are the skiers? Come on people the resorts are open except for 4% of the terrain, the skiing is at it best in years. Don't let a little thing such as the Olympics scare ya off, plan ahead, and you'll be fine.
Deer Valley is selling discounted lift passes at a few differant ski shops in SLC,Heber City, and Park City. I hear tell it's a $50.00 day pass.
Granted parking in nuts. But there are busses from the park n rides, that will get you to bothe PCMR and DV. : : [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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SLC is starting to remind me of my college days at Michigan State! The town has erupted into a party! I could hear the bands playing late last night at my house, fireworks were going off, it has been great. They ran the torch right past my house last night! I am really hyped up about this one!

If you need me, I'll be enjoying the games for the next few weeks!
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OH MY HECK!!!!!!!! UTAH does know how to have a good time!
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I can't believe my friends left town for the Olympics. They thought it would be too much of a hassle but now they are regreting it.

I just got an email from them (they left for Hawaii on Friday) saying they wished they had stayed in town and may come back early.

Really - how often do the Olympics come to your front door? They go to Hawaii every year (have the means and time to go whenever they like) you'd think they would have stayed for this once in a lifetime event.

I wish we had the conditions to host the winter Olympics. Maybe someday we'll get the Summer Olympics - not as much fun but I'll take what I can get.

We had the Goodwill Games in the early 90's.
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Having the olympics in your home town is a blast! My wife and I got to see damn near every event in 88 at Calgary. I made it to 13 hockey games including the gold medal round , only thing we didn't catch was the nordic events. Our house was straight north of the ski jumps , if we didn't have tickets for the event we drug the TV out in the front yard the couch and the binoculars. We were close enough to read the bib # plus we had the replays and as much beer as we wanted
What is really awsome is the electricity in the air at an event or in the beer gardens, only problem was no open liquor out of the tent to take back to the bleachers , this made for some interesting situations like it's 60 deg. in the bowl for the 90 meter....no beer left in the back pack....go to the tent buy 12 open beer and put them back in the case....sneak out the back door of the tent and scramble up a steep bank of rocks with a 185lb woman cop on my ass. She actually got a hold of my pant leg for a second but fell flat on her face , by the time she found where we were sitting every body around had already consumed the beer and she wasn't sure if it was me or not.
You guys are going to have a blast for two weeks , don't pass it up you'll regret it.

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Well, the torch came by the house last night.. on a bus! but the neighborhood kids loved the police motorcycles with the flashing blue lights..it was just fun to get everybody out in the street.

Park City was wide open today! I expected , well, a crush. But I had to run an errand by the stadium this morning and the road was open and traffic light! Got the family and drove to P.C. to reconoiter... and we got all the way to oldtown before being turned away;residents only. Traffic was actually lighter than on a normal Saterday. Zero Delays anywhere at 2;00 pm. I saw very few skiers on the hill and I'm sure D.V. was light too. The Canyons had a full parking lot- it's the only resort you can park at in P.C. The other resorts have parking on the prarie just outside of town with lots of space and plentiful shuttle buses.. So we will certainly make use of those busses.. no worries. I couldn't beleive how easy and well managed it seemed.. the Sundance festival is more crowded. 'Course it's early yet.. I'm headed up to ski Snowbasin tommorrow and Monday and watch the Downhill.. we'll see if that's just as easy...
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Well.. skiing Snowbasin was a total hose today. Traffic was nothing but when we got to the offsite parking(really offsite} the shuttle bus driver told us it would take two hours to get to the resort and four more to get through security {slooow lines}. Being patriotic Americans, we beat it and headed over to the Canyons where we skied deserted runs in absolutly gorgous weather and perfect conditions.. there was even powder from three days ago. I'm sure that the shuttles for Deer Vally and P.C. are much better.. had lunch with a maintenance driver from D.V. and she regaled us with stories.. the best was the two kids who skied into the woods to enjoy a doobie.. and were promptly evicted by riflemen in white suits.. so much for my idea of watching events from the hill...
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Yes another slow day at DV, i think the 2pm skier count was around 1,500
Clear blue skies, what aewsome weather we are having. but i hear it won't last , maybe a system moving in this week.
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Monday Snowbasin report; My friend Mel made it to ski Snowbasin today! They fixed the problem with security and busses. Security took about an hour, but he still made first chair at 9;00, having gotten to the parking lot at 7:20. The vantages from the hill to watch the downhill are very good; much better than from the stands. The race was postponed until tomorrow; so Utah locals get all over that.. I, sadly really need to work, having wasted today skiing Alta.. go if you can; Peek skies second. Go homey!
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