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I just returned from 10 days at WB. I must admit it was my best vacation EVER!

Some must do's:

The Dave Murray Downhill, it will be the Olympic Venue for the Men's Downhill and Super G in 2010.

The Symphony Amphitheater, possibly the most beautiful place on earth. See for yourself:

Peak to Creek, 5.5 kms from top to bottom.

Founder's Run in Symphony Amphitheater. To get to Symphony you have to go through Harmony, take G.S all the way the final pitch is a good one!

Garibaldi Lift Company for Apres.

Did I mention Symphony Amphitheater?

The Saddle at the top of Whistler and Ridge Runner on Blackcomb. None of these are too extreme, but good pitches. Dave Murray is the only true Black, but the others have some black tendincies.

Have a great time!
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looks great
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Christmas trees on Whistler is one of my favorite area of the peak chair.... It's a step tree run, alway deep on a pow day and not to tight....

What do you like to ski ?
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I like trees, open bowls, chutes (but not too crazy)
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So much terrain..... Spanky's Ladder on Blackcomb is worth standing in line before it open's on a powder day.... Glacier chair and left, than you have to hike a small ridge to get to one of the bowls (Ruby,Saphire,ect.)

Double Black but not to crazy ! One of the deepest place on the mountain....:

Anybody Else ?
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sweet it looks like they'll be some storms next week
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It looks like they just lowered the snow totals, I guess I'll just have to wait and see
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how reliable is they always seem to change their forecasts every few hours. says lots of snow, says only a couple inches
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I dont know those sites well and long range forcast is pretty much a hit and miss.....Right now the local forcast is calling for a series of weak systemes with freezing level around 1000m witch will bring nice snow in the alpine.... They are calling for 2-3 inches a day, it can be none or it can be 3 times more.....
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what site do you use for your forecast? Once again, the ones I check change all the time. 2 hours ago it said 20cm late in the week and now it says 4cm. Go figure
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hows the coverage on the mountain when it does not snow for a while
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For the forcast just google Whistler snow report and then go to weather forcast. You will get detailed prevision for 5 days from Environement Canada.

Lots of snow this year and very good coverage...and with the snow that is coming even if it's not a lot it will make for nice conditions....

Time to make that offering to the snow gods if you want a real dump....
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Whistler is still looking good with more fresh snow in the alpine (very light -10) and deep on certain aspect in the higher alpine :......

April is that month when a little precepitation at the mesuring station becomes that much more in the high alpine......

What a year....not so much for quantity witch was still very good but for the quality of the snow.... very light and dry....

Cheers !
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30cm of light fresh snow in the Alpine..... Got 4 runs into Spanky with no one there..... One of the best day of the year :
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it's nothing to write home about, but if you take franz's on down to creekside; that's a 2100 foot vertical. most resorts dont have that top to bottom and whistler's got it on one trail, ouch.
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