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any storms in the forecast?
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It seems that the bright blue sky is going to leave us for some flurries over the next couple of days and snow is forcast for Saturday....(2in to 5in)

Nothing major so far, hopefully more is following this disturbance....
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yea hopefully the snow come back just in time for my trip
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good long range forcast?

My brother, a bona fide meteorologist with a newly busted knee, just sent me this email with a forecast for whistler next weekend (2/1-2/4).
Long range forecast for your trip: Epic. Great pattern for tons of snow,
even in the lower elevations since there will be plenty of cold air
around. I'm guessing several feet over the duration of the trip. I can't
believe I am missing this.
I hope he's right!!!
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Guys we have been in Whistler since last Sunday (1/20) and leaving Saturday. Good news, bad news for us in terms of weather this week.....bluebird skies EVERY day with cold and an inversion every day but we are wishing for even a little fresh. I don't think we've warmed past freezing at any point, even at the valley. The mountain could use some fresh snow especially near the bottom. I guess we really cannot complain about seeing bright blue skies everyday. Its funny the locals are telling us that normally you can go weeks without seeing the sun and here we will have had six gorgeous days in a row! Kinda like my Utah trip last year......

The mountains and scenery are beautiful and the crowds are minimal. Despite no new snow great trip thus far!!
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Originally Posted by djl View Post
Beautiful shots!

Can't wait for my first trip to whistler at the end of the month. Just hope it starts snowing again like it was at the beginning of the month...
Snow is coming....
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hows it looking?
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We received about 12in in the past 7 days and they are calling for another 10 to 12in tonight and tomorrow. It's cold and the snow is super light even in the lower elevation....

It will be pretty deep in certain tree lines that take you all the way to the bottom.....This is Whistler at is Best ! :
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Today I skiied the deepest lighest snow ever :

Isumi a 40 degree chute in the back of the glacier on Blackcomb mountain add been snowed on for a fews day with very cold wheather....I haven't experimented Utah pow but If it is similar to this you guys are in heaven to....
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Yup, definitely an awesome season we are having. We normally get 'wet' snow, but not this year, nothing but dry and light snow. Amazing !
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yeaaaa i can't wait
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It was beautifully dry and cold at Baker today with sun and 6" of new on top of days of dumps. Fantastic.
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forecast looks good
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Originally Posted by skierecs7 View Post
forecast looks good
Major storm coming.....
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what's with the warm weather forecast for next week?
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hows the forecast look? It looks like freezing levels have gone up? What are the conditions like? This warming period is making me a little nervous
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Originally Posted by skierecs7 View Post
hows the forecast look? It looks like freezing levels have gone up? What are the conditions like? This warming period is making me a little nervous
Forcast can change very fast up here ! When are you coming up ?

I haven't been up in the past week ( recovering from knee injurie ) but it looks like the snow still good in the higher alpine....

Time for a little prayer.....
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I'll be coming Feb. 19-26
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anyone know the extended forecast form feb. 19-26
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You can find it at any online weather site (ie weather.com). I'm coming up next week and it's supposed to be WARM.
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i just hope it doesn't rain every day
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usually i think it only rains at the base which is kind of a pain if you're going to walk around. I heard though that it snows mid to upper mountain which is where most skiing is done. I do hope it gets colder though!!
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Not looking good for Whistler. Hopefully a storm forms in the Pacific.

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yea I'm not goning to get too dissapointed yet because the forecast always changes. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!:
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Well so far it look's like you are going to get sunny sky when you get here .... Try to imagine what kind of wheather you really want and see what happen....

Magic does exist and I have experienced it many times, all you have to do is believe....

Cheers !
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i'm believing
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Hope your legs are in shape ! :
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ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaa
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can you reccommend some of your favorite spots or areas to stay away from. Nothing too extreme but some good pitch to it.
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