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We stayed 1/1-1/6 at twining condos on the mountain..With everyones input we had a great time, went to most of the place people told us to go..Best for us was Hunan Chinese in Taos, and Tims in the village..My daughter(9) went 3 days in ski school, and loved every minute..I went 2 days, and learned a ton..My wife's trouble is noted below. I advise anyone regardless of level to do a day with one of these instructors..They can teach from a first timer to a expert.......VERY professional..VERY courteous..I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the ski schools.. My wife, and I both mentioned coming home, that we did not think we met a single rude person that worked on the mountain..That is refreshing in this world today.I skied most of the runs the forum faithful told me to ski, but the blacks, and double blacks were moguled up, and icey..Got snow the last day, and had a blast....Hunziker was good with the fresh powder yesterday. I Liked staying on the side of the #4 chair, or the #8 chair..I never waited more than a minute for a ride backup..I enjoyed all the runs to be honest..
If you have not been to Taos..I urge you to go..Great mountain..Great terrain..Extremely nice people.. I have NO complaints..I did not get to meet up with Lori, as she was coming in, as I was going out.With the powder cannons going off this morning, I know it was an Epic day today..I tought all you people that paid a lot of money for your ski boots were either stupid, or had too much money..Please read below(especially if you DO NOT have custom boots)..I am now a convert.

The very first thing I did after unpacking, and getting setup in Taos, was to go see a bootfitter because of the massive amounts of people on this board saying how much it helped...There was no way I was going to spend that kind of money on boots, so I figured I would at least see what they had to offer. The first place that was recommended was Taos boot,and ski..I was told to ask for Jim..I did..He promptly told me the boots I had were way wrong(I knew that was coming) I had tecnica flames.He put the boots he thought were right Saloman impact 8.s..He got it right the first time, with No adjustments.. It did take 4 hours, but it was worth it..My new boots are 2cm shorter, and 2 sizes skinnier
To make along story short..I never could figure out how people could ski more than 2 days in a row, because my legs were always killing me..I can tell you that I skiied for 4 FULL days at Taos, and my muscles are sore, but my feet were golden. Not only did I spend that much on boots, but I am more than happy that I did..I ski much faster..more in control, and my feet are fresh..My wife got to ski one day, as she wore her old boots, and it killed her shins so bad she could hardly walk....Needless to say the next day, I had her fitted too..Next time we go together..we will be able to ski together. She still had a good time, but not near as she could have.The point I guess I am getting to is, I do not think you can afford not to get fitted boots..I got to ski 4 hard days, and get my money's worth, and my wife lost out on three days because of ill fitting boots, and we also opted for the custom insoles which made a ton of difference...I never would have believed that custom boots would make such a MONSTROUS difference. I was a non-believer, but if you know of anyone that does not want to spend that much money on boots..Point them to this thread..I now see how people can say get cheap skis, but not cheap boots..

Thanks to everyone that helped make this a good trip...

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Lee, great to hear that you enjoyed Taos... and experienced the breakthrough that well-fitting boots can bring. Wonderful!
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On behalf of the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce, thanks for the post!

The snow angels are smiling on New Mexico right now.
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Hi Lee-- sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up, but it sounds like you enjoyed some nice new snow on Saturday!
Sunday was good snow as well, but very windy so visibility on the groomed stuff was poor.

Great comments on boot fitting. I'd rather ski a bad pair of skis in good boots, than have a great pair of skis and ill-fitting boots.
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Great comments on friendliness. Visitors make similar comments frequently

Dittos for ski school. There's a reason why they have almost 50% of lski week esson takers being returnees (it is NOT because the lesson failed the fist time!). Check out Taos web site for exceptional January values on ski better week.

Dittos for boot comments and expand it to include all equipment. Technology advances so fast that folks skiing on hand-me-downs, attic left overs, and old good are truely handicapped.

And the snow continues (thank heavens). Taos enjoys 23" more last 3 days.
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Bumping the thread for my (warning! long) weekend TR. I read this thread and Lee contacted me and gave me great advice on getting boots. I was at Taos Ski & Boot Company first thing in the morning on Saturday, but Jim wasn’t there that day. Still, I got Anita to fit me on new boots and I ended up buying the Tecnicas Vento 210. Great boot, made me feel more in control right off the bat. While there I demo some skis too. I tried the Nordica Nitrous, and the Volkl’s AC30, AC40, and Bridge. Overall I liked the AC40 the best, with the bridge a close second. The AC40 felt great in every type of condition as I tried it in groomers, soft bumps, hard bumps, trees, and steeps.

The snow conditions were fantastic. Most of the bump runs were on the soft side, and really soft around the trees and up on the ridge. All around two beautiful days conditions-wise.

After all the great reviews, I had decided to take a group lesson at the Ski School. I was put on the advanced group with just one more guy, Grant, who right off the bat said “I want to ski glades”... oh my. My experience in the trees is almost null and Taos is no place to be messing around. Tim, the instructor, made us ski a short bumpy black diamond run and then almost right off the bat took us up to the top of lift 2 and then traversed into the woods. Tim found a clearing and made us ski a narrow black run with trees on the sides.

Just so you understand how freaked out I was: In my previous 4 trips to Taos I had skied no more than 5 black diamond runs, and now I was going into the trees! Luckily for me, Tim turned out to be a great instructor and never took us to a place where I felt way over my head. After reinforcing some concepts, he kept us skiing black runs that I would have never think of skiing myself. My confidence went off to the roof as I started to look at the menacing bumpy runs and realize that I could safely ski down.

As we were sitting on the lift I looked at the ridge and asked Tim if he thought I would be ready to ski one of the runs off the top of the mountain. He immediately said “sure! do you want to do it today?”. Grant jumped in (he is a very adventurous person, I could tell) and said “yes! Simon, let’s go!” After a couple of seconds of stunned silence I agreed and a few minutes after that we were hiking on our way to the ridge. It was surreal. While exchanging messages with Lee during the week I had mentioned that I wanted to ski Al's run "if I felt daring"... and now there I was hiking to the Highline ridge . After the 10-15 minute hike we ended up on the top of the Juarez run. It is one of the easier runs down the ridge, but still a scary look from the top.

The views from up there were amazing and the sensation of skiing down the ridge, on what it is considered expert terrain, was amazing. Hiking the ridge was my goal for the end of the season, so I guess I need a new set of goals now Actually, hiking all the way to the Kachina peak would be a great goal.

Grant and I agreed to take another lesson Sunday morning and Tim once again set off to teach us. This time we hiked right after a couple of warm up runs and came down Stauffenberg, on the West Basin ridge (On the pic below, taken Sat afternoon, Stauffenberg is on the left). Again we skied all advanced and expert terrain all morning. I was so amazed at my progress, definitely now more confident to take on almost any type of advanced terrain. Kudos to Tim for doing such a great job, I hope he’s around when I take the mogul camp in late February.

After lunch I met with Leanne, Brandon, and Robert (the group I went with) and we went to ski the backside, took a few blue runs then split with Brandon to do the Hunziker bowl. After all the terrain I had skied the previous 24 hours, the Hunziker bowl (a beautiful black diamond run) seemed like a piece of cake. I still have lots of work to do, finish my turns, get better balance, work the hard moguls better, and much more. The big difference is that now I believe I can ski down any advanced run and that opens up the mountain so much more. Looking forward to the mogul runs at Mary Jane this weekend!

Once again, thanks to lee for all the feedback, looking forward to ski some runs with you later on the season!
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Really stoked to see you had fun.
In all fairness everything that I have learned was passed to me on by the fine folks on this forum..Without theor knowledge I would not ahve learned some great lessons..I'm just glad I could help..
We will be back up there this weekend, and now you have me stoked to go up on the bowls....

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Sick. Glad to hear you all had fun out there. Thanks for the photos too Simon.
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Jim is the best bootfitter I've ever encountered and he has fit me for years. Before being at Ski & Boot, he was at The Boot Doctors. He is literally the bootfitter for the stars - if only you knew the feet he has touched.
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