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Park City 1/05/08

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PCMR had about 7-10 inches first off, but just nuked all day, probably got another seven inches. Except for McKonkeys, all the back bowls were closed on Windhold. Bombs were going off all day- the lower mountain wasn't too windy sometimes, but anything near a ridge was blowing hard. Except for Blueslip and McKonkeys, stuck with cut runs, mostly low angle. Still sick. The kind of day where your tracks filled in. Skied with my friend Pete all morning, met the wife and kids and skied with them all afternoon. The kids held up well- it was windy but pretty warm. I hope Alligater made it, I'd hate to have been in the air today.
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Two more for the road- My daughter and Pete's son, stoked. And, this guy had enough, took off his skis, and postholed all the way down..
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Hey Mr Crab, whoever is in the orange jacket rips! This storm cycle has done a lot of good for all of us, even the PCMR resorts. Of course we all know powder never happens outside of LCC. :

I got out in the deep stuff in Tahoe today. Felt great to get on the new snow in partial sun and light winds, after being cooped up with the heavy storms shutting roads and lifts.
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Mr. Crabb,
I remember a few days like that at PCMR, they are fun.

Finally got into LCC today and it snowed all day long, except for the 40 min at lunch. We picked up nearly a foot at the base of Snowbird and the runs stayed soft all day.
The tram and little cloud lifts only had 35 mph+ winds and white out, but other than that pretty good. The lower portion of the mountain remained tasty and sweet.
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[quote=Cirquerider;834537]Hey Mr Crab, whoever is in the orange jacket rips! This storm cycle has done a lot of good for all of us, even the PCMR resorts. Of course we all know powder never happens outside of LCC. :

That's me, arching the soft Bro 179's. Pete can really ski, and the kids got a taste of the pow and the full on big mountain experience today. It won't be long before they're up in the higher stuff with us. Tomorrow, if the wind stops and we get a break in the snow, the Park City bowls will open for the first time since the storm started. But LCC is where it's at, of course...
I want pics and reports from Tahoe- I hear Kirkwood is buried!
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Niiiiiice! Mr. Crab + Soft Bros + Powder = Stoke
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Hey Mr. Crab,

We made it on time..actually 35 minutes early. i think they were trying to avoid the storm so hauled it. the strom was starting to hit as we landed and I-80 was a mess..cars everywhere stuck in the snow or spun out. It took us some time but we finally got to DV. It was very weird to see the roads not plowed. Just more snow then the plowers could handle plus the snow didn't stop falling. I actually saw them loading snow into a dump truck on Main Street! My cousin wasn't so lucky as his plane was diverted to Boise and arrived much later. So eventhough we didn't get to ski yesterday I was thankful for the skiing today!

The fresh powder is just so awesome! I'm skiing like a pro just kidding but in my mind i am. It was so wonderful to be on the top of the mountain mid-day and there wasn't a soul around me on many runs. I don't know if people wussed out from the cold or the fresh falling snow...but i was very thankful. It was so peaceful! So I'm hoping tomorrow will be the same.

Happy skiing!
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Glad you made it Alligator! The plows were really overwhelmed. Some people who live on hills could'nt get out of their neighborhoods, or out of their driveways.
Yesterday (Monday) Park City was pretty sparsely attended. They opened Jupiter bowl for the first time in days around 10;00 or so- I didn't look. It was a perfect 10 with, I'd guess, about 18". Bottomless, anyway. There were huge slides from the day before- Scotts bowl slid from one end to the other and was unskiable. West face slid just above the big meadow and littered the whole bottom area with huge hunks of debris covered by at least a foot of fresh, and so created an invisible minefield. I think I found the largest hunks when I launched off a Volkswagen sized kicker in flat light where there should have been nothing but clean slope. Did a nice headplant. Pretty fine day regardless. Took the soft Bros out again, they just excel in powder, are super light and easy to hike with, and ski the runouts like a GS race ski. One interesting line was from the top of High West Road, which runs along Jupiter peak, straight down into trees. At the top it was wind baked to the point of boiler plate. Just pressure the Bros tips and they bite right in. As the line desended, the snow got softer and softer from styrofoam wind compressed to full on bottomless blower pow. The Bros handled it all beautifully, springing from turn to turn. I'll write up a more formal review once I've got more milage on them. It was pretty crazy great, any way you cut it.
Pics; Secret Locals warm up hill in plain sight of the lift- four of those tracks are mine, waiting for the Jupiter rope drop. I was ten minutes late... Main Bowl, Jupiter. Pete on West Face. Sorry about the sucky quality. Another storm was moving in as we went down.
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Nice^^^I like this shot in particular as it demonstrates there is still etiquette amongst skiers harvesting powder and preserving lines. It’s renewed my faith
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some nice 8s in there.

PC has no pow skiing - BAH!
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