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I met up with Volklgirl this morning and seized the opportunity to swap skis for a few runs.
She was on 2004 Volkl P60 Race Stock SL's 155 cm (12.1m)
I was on 2008 Blizzard Magnesium WC SL's 155 cm (13m)

The TR of these skis is slightly different since the FIS regulations have changed a bit in the few years between these two productions.

To back op a little bit, I first skied the Blizzards a little over a week ago when we were "downhill ice skating" They held up better than most skis under those conditions, but it wasn't a real test of their abilities.

Saturday I skied on these most of the day and was impressed, though not surprised, by the fact that the more you turn, the faster they go.

Sunday morning we faced 38* temps and soft springlike snow for most of the hill with some firm patches here and there.
Both the Blizzard MagSL and the P60SL performed profoundly in medium and short turns. The area where they differed is in feel and feedback.
The Blizzard has a smooth buttery feel that almost lets you forget yourself as you pick up speed with confidence.
the Volkl gave a bit more pop and feedback that continually reminded you that you were on a performance race ski.

I usually like a ski that gives that pop and feedback, but this ski test today made me happy I picked up the Blizzard Magnesium SL. No doubt the ski for speed, turns, and inspiring confidence when you want to rocket down the slopes.