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new ski binding mount trouble

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Hi everyone
I jest got new mantras w/duke love them. skied 2 days when i got home i did the edge and waxed as i ironed out the wax i noticed a BUMP in the bottom of the ski after scrapping it was not grit or dirt but a raised spot like a blister about 1/2 the size of a dime and a 1/23 to 1/16 high using the scraper as a gage. the center of the spot is right under a forward mounting screw. I am pretty sure that to long of a screw was used and that it delamanated that spot on the bottom , its not jest the petex the perforated sheet under the plastic is raised also and the spot cant be pushed down also i cant see the end of the screw
1 how bad a problem is this
2 has anyone experienced this and how was it resolved.
i got ski and binding from a shop out of state but will back in that area and am hoping to get some input on how to remedy this. my thinking is i would like replacement ski. thanks sam
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Back that screw out and see if the dimple gets smaller and/or you can push on it and it flexes. It could be a screw that is too long, or a bit that was too long. If the stock binding screws were used in a Mantra, it should not do that.
If it doesn't fix itself when you remove the screw, take them back to where they were mounted.
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i hear that, they are going back next week. I would rather have the shop look at them before i do anything like shorten screw or drill deeper glue clamp and re mount. if the bottom plate is bent it would be a trick to get it back and bonded. grinding the bump off would be a bad fix.
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I've seen that happen before, screw is too long or pilot hole not deep enough. I've also seen it repaired by backing out the screw, shooting some epoxy in the hole, clamping boards around the ski, then drilling it and mounting the binding again after the glue dries. No telling how many skis are out there that were botched then fixed before they left the shop (especially when the ptex is black). Take a good hard look when you pick them up again if they are repaired and not replaced.
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Had the same thing happen to my Manta's as well. Had a highly respected shop in the SLC area do it, and I'm glad I did. I took the Mantras back, calmly showed the problem and asked what the next step would be. I was assured this wasn't a new problem. I don't know the exact procedure used to fix the bumps, but a "press" was involved.
When I picked the skis up, no more bumps and the bases were flat.
I have waxed the skis twice and have felt no bumps. I've had them out several days and they are working as expected.
Now, if I could only do something about the loose nut holding the poles...
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I just had a Mantra dimple issue tonight. It was a straight forward Salomon binding with stock screws. Upon inspection, I noticed a VERY slight bulge (you couldn't feel it but you could see it in the the glare), so I quickly backed the (2) screws out and swapped them for slightly shorter ones.
This is becoming a pattern with this years Mantra.
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thanks for the info i have been up in NH doing some slush and ice skiing. now im home with the flu but my mantra's are repaired. the guy at the shop sed there was debry in the hole. backed the scruw out and the dimple went back in then removed the binding cleaned the hole glued and clamped with some urethane glue then re mounted. there is some disculleration at the spot looks like glow to me but thay gave ma a letter stating that thay would replace the skis if thay ever faled as a result. not a replacment but its Ok with me. thanks for the input
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