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Skiing in Bulgaria

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Have any bears skied there lately? Any comments, advice, recommendations?
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i talked to an english guy in las lenas a year ago said you can Heli for 25 pounds, 50 bucks. you get to go up in a military helicopter
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Yeah but it will be a Russian military helicopter. Make sure your life insurance is paid up
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yeah but its part of the fun.
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Roo had a post about it on TGR, I reckon. You may want to search for it, or PM him (he is somewhat active on this board too).
Awfull experience if I my memory is correct...
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I was in Borovets a few years ago. 'Cultural experience' is all I will say...

Bansko's supposed to be the best now and is still developing, but the more challenging terrain is in Borovets (I use the word challenging relatively lightly mind). And why anyone would go to Pamporovo is beyond me.
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