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Favourite Ski Weather

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Some people love to ski in the sunshine, others love blizzard condtions! What's your favourite weather to ski in?
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Blizzards!!! Heavy snow and as much wind as possible without closing the lifts. This way nobody is out, the hill is yours, and the untouched powder rejuvenates itself by the time you get back to the top -- fresh tracks every run. Plus there is a cool moody atmosphere.
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Well the rain is best for NO-ONE else about - but as the choice only included rain,fog,slush that made it hard. I don't like slush - but I do quite like that rained on snow feeling.

Love the fact that they all stay home & we get the mountain to ourselves in the rain. The smell of the air as the rain clears is wonderful too.

FOG is yucky - makes it too warm & wet & blah & they can't make snow.
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Sunshine after it's been snowing all night.
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I love it when it's snowing continuously. I'm doing laps, fresh tracks every run. The only problem is finding my way down below the treeline.
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I had to pick up one, even thought I'd have left out just the last option.
In fact I do enjoy every kind of weather most of the time but the two extremes of the temp range:
Extremely warm and extremely cold.
And if in-between there are conditions that make the fields de-populated, the better.
Like: new year's day!
No matter what the temps and weather, new years day (at least the morning) runs and lifts are always de-populated here (where here is Italy )

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In MI if the sun is out, the Snow is SLUSH and then re-freezes to Ice.

Light to heavy is how I like it.
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I'd be happy to ski on or in any kind of snow instead of that man made stuff we usually have here.
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Some of the very best ski days I've had have been
on seemingly marginal weather days when had I not
been rostered to teach, I probably wouldn't have
been on the hill.
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I love a bluebird morning after a 12" dump with Vail Pass closed and our entire clan LEAPING out of bed when I tell them "It's a powder day and we've got the mountain to ourselves!"
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My favorite is clear, cold and most importantly windy. The wind has to be just right, so that it buffs out the snow as fast as you can carve it, but not so windy that the top (of Mammoth) closes. Windbuff pow is the best, especially when the wind keeps up all day, and the snow gets better and better as the locals cut it up ,and the wind smooths it out.
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