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Berkshire East, "The Beast" 1/5/08

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My son and I skied Berkshire East for the first time Yesterday. "The Beast" is one of those New England throwback areas. You know what I'm talking about, no detachable lifts, plenty of narrow, ungroomed runs, and a good amount of tree skiing. It is also a steepish hill - with 1180' vertical drop it compares size-wise to nearby Jiminy Peak.

We've gotten a lot of rain down here in Southern CT over the last week or so, but just an hour north it's been all snow, and cold too. With the thaw coming, Saturday was the day. There was a couple feet of natural on the ground and, because of the past week's freeze it was dry and light.

We skied all over the hill, groomers, bumps, but mostly we stayed in the glades and the trees where we found plenty of soft snow and occasional freshies.

We had a great time and will keep Berkshire east on the short list of reachable, affordable, day-trip areas.

Matt in a glade.

A comfy rest stop.

Saturday afternoon crowds. Note the long lift line!

Deepish and steepish, especially for MA.

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Thanks for the report.

The lines look great for a Saturday.
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If possible could you doctor a trail map using paint (its very easy, just download it and draw over it) to show the trails you are on in this pics....are they actual trails or improv trails. I've been looking for offpiste trees in berkshires (have a home in Great Barrington) and if I go, I want to know exactly which trails, or improv trails I should hit. thanks.
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Since crank hasn't replied yet, I can say that those pictures are most likely inbounds. My guess would be the East Glade and perhaps Tomahawk glade.

There's a map at http://www.berkshireeast.com

the downloadable pdf version is easier to see. Tomahawk Glade shows up as a trail on the map.
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Yes, the pics are all inbounds. We skied both Tomahawk and East Glade. The top pic is definately East Glade. While we never left the ski area boundary, we found several unmarked, woods runs of varying lengths all over the hill. Our favorite was a short seep one in a patch of trees below East glade that dumped out near the bottom of the double and triple chairs. We just followed local's tracks into the woods in likely looking places. It's not that big or confusing of an area so as long as you don't leave the boundaries you shouldn't get lost.

You need a pretty good snow pack to ski that stuff though. I scraped bottom several times on my skinny, 68mm underfoot, skis. My son fared better on his Rossi B2's.
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Great pics Crank! RISkier and I are looking forward to getting to the B'east again this year.
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1/12 trip report. What was open was pretty good today. A bit icy but fine, and better as it warmed up.

All the bump runs are gone for now. U Mass, Grizzly, large patches of dirt and ground showing. So it's Comp, Chief, Outback/Roundabout, Exhibition mostly.

Still skiing!
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Love the ski area, non-resort, TRs.
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