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Hey guys,

Great site! I've used it many times over the past year and only just came across a question that hasn't been answered in the threads...
I just purchased a pair of Stockli Laser SL 161 from last year (the 05-06 and 06-07 model) and am trying to figure out how I want to mount them. I'm thinking about a VIST world cup race plate, but am unsure about whether to go with the delrin (essentially a plastic/elastomer) or the aluminum top, and in what height (14 mm, 18 mm, etc)? I'm planning to mount them with Look P-series or Rossignol FKS bindings (I like the old pivot heel). Offhand, and from what I've read, it sounds as if the shorter height will allow for quicker edge changes and, according to some, a lower risk of injury.
I'm a level 9 skier, 6', 160 lbs, age 22. Ski 40-50 days/yr, 20-30 out west at mostly Aspen and Winter Park. I also ski Stockli DP Pro 174's (best - meaning most explosive and stable at speed - powder skis Ive ever skied but still awesome on the hardpack, mounted flat with PX15's) and K2 Apache Recon 167's (mounted on a riser with Markers).

My question is what plate surface and height might be appropriate? Some of you may feel the race plate is inappropriate... So consider yourself welcome to suggest other plate and binding combinations. Right now, I'm thinkin 14 mm delrin race plate and Rossi FKS 155 or Look P14 bindings will do the job. Also, feel free to expand on the appropriateness of plate type (Marker WC piston vs. Vist WC Race or Air, etc) and effect of plate height on different disciplines, as I've had trouble finding information on this subject.

Thanks for the help!