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My 9 yr old son wants to ski

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Well to start off, i am new to this site and i have alot of questions. My 9 yr old son wants to learn to ski and I want to re-learn to ski myself but......I am 6'2 and 325lbs.......i know please don't laugh:. I was a fairly good skier back in the 80's (when i was thinner) and my son wants me to ski with him:.

Is skiing the answer because he also wants to try snowboarding.

Thanks in advance.

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Try skiing first
I ski with my children and grandchildren
It is indeed a rewarding experence
a couple of my grandkids dont ever care about doing it again.
But my 10 year old grand son is now skiing blues 3 days after his first private lession
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As a skier and boarder, I'd recommend having your son learn to ski first. My girls - 7 and 9 - ski but don't board yet. Having two feet locked onto a board is a bit more intimidating for a beginner than having your feet independent.

Everyone always talks about the learning curve of skiing vs boarding. My personal take is that skiing is easier for most people to get up and on their feet, but snowboarding is easier to attain an "intermediate" level of skill.

And from intermediate to advanced, I think the tables turn again, in favor of skiing. I think the plateau in teh intermediate range is much bigger/longer for boarding than skiing.

Despite some skiers being biased against boarders (not much anymore), there are principles of skiing that will definitely apply to learning boarding -- edge control, movement contained to below the waist....

As for you....it'll be good to get back on skis...just take it slow. When I was out of shape I broke my femur on a very benign run....it wasn't even a bad fall....just got way off balance and fell with my legs splayed every w hich way. Crack. Spiral crack in that big knobby part of the femur where it tursn to go into the hip...forget the name of it. Skied two more runs....in agony, then drove myself to the emergency room in North Conway. Felt pretty foolish hobbling in wiht ski poles in hand. Barely made it back to the mountain in time to pick up my wife and friends and give them the bad news. So...take it slow.
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redimala01, excellent question, and one with a much wider interest than just here. I'm going to move your post to Ask A Ski Pro. That group can probably advise you on some very successful ways to cultivate the skiing interest in your son, and renew your own love of the sport. If you decide you want the thread back in the beginner zone, send me a PM.
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Dear Fred,

Welcome to Epic!

First off 9 years old is old enough to learn to ride. Large people can also successfully learn to ride, but instructors with successful experience doing this are few and far between. If you attempt this, you should plan on SLOW progress and consider getting private lessons from a pro with a good referral. Heavy people tend to struggle more learning to ride than learning to ski.

With respect to learning to ski or ride, your son's progress will depend on prior experience and where you go. If your son has prior experience with sideways sports like skateboarding, surfing or wakeboarding, he will find snowboarding easier to learn. If your son has experience skating, rollerblading or water skiing, he will find skiing easier to learn. With modern equipment and teaching methods, the learning curve for both sports is similar. At some resorts learning to ski or ride may be easier because of the terrain, the rental gear or the experience of the instructors and the teaching methods they use. In general, though, prior experience will be the determining factor.

In general skiers have a harder time learning to ride than riders learning to ski, but once you've reached the stage where you let the edges do the work, learning is greatly accelerated in either sport and learning the second discipline is accelerated also. It's been my experience that learning a second displine works best when you ease into it (e.g. spend part of a day on the new gear, then the rest of the day on old gear), although some people fall immediately in love with the other sport and quit the first one.

It sounds like you'll be better off starting with skiing. At 9, it won't be long before you'll be too slow to keep up and you'll have a head start relearning to ski. Once he gets good enough on skis to dump you, you can reset the clock a little by letting him learn to ride too. With modern skis, skiing is a lot easier than it used to be. You're going to have a lot of fun.
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