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Boot for Wide feet

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Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Im a male looking for a boot to fit my wide wide feet. I read the other posts but they are outdated. I looked at Nordica Supercharger Spark which fit fairly well but was wondering if any one has experience or recomendations for me. I would appreciate any help!
Thanks again
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depends how stiff a boot you need


you can make any boot wider by about 10 mm per side with some punching/stretching

salomonn elios is a 106mm and lange concept is a 104mm last in a 26.5

some measurements of your foot will help? did you read the FAQ section?
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some of the widest performance shells out there are head Edge+ and Atomic B tech both at 104mm in size 26/26.5 just narrower is the Head S line at 103mm in the same size

best thing is get to a good fitter and let them guide you...... you will be amazed how much width can be added to the forefoot [if that is where it is required] by stretching or grinding the shell
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