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Hey all,

I've been a snowmobiler and just got back into snowboarding. I'm looking for a good jacket mainly for snowboarding but that would work for riding too. I'm in the upstate New York region so the weather can be anywhere from 0 to 40 during the winter, factor in the wind once in a while and the few times it goes outside that range.

Right now I'm looking at leftover Columbia and North Face jackets mainly because that's what I'm familiar with (not limited to) and I don't really want to spend over 200 (lower the better). I've found that there are so many versions and styles for both companies and I really have no idea what is best suited for me. Looking online the past few days I think I'm more confused digging into all the websites.

I'd like something that looks nice-not too radical but some style, lasts quite a while and will keep me warm without any complaints. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help!