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Need Help Choosing First Shaped Skis

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Just found this site and am amazed at the incredible breadth of information. Unfortunately - it has only made me more indecisive. I am looking to buy my first pair of shaped skis. I have rented shaped skis on past trips out west but now that my olded child is finally skiing it is time to get my own pair for quick day trips with him from where I live in the east.

I consider myself a strong Level 8 or 9 skiier (although not totally up to speed on how to measure). I am 40 years old and have skiied since I was three. During my late teens / early 20s I skied 60+ days a year. I raced in high school, did ski patrol while in college and then spent a year in Jackson and Telluride after college. I can still ski most anything on the mountain with relative comfort although I am not nearly in the same physical shape I used to be (too much sitting behind a desk). When I go out west I love to ski steep, narrow chutes and on groomed runs will usually venture to the edges or steeper fall lines to do quick sharp turns which I like to snap out of. That being said, I also like to cruise at quick speed down the blues or non bumped up blacks, always will seek out any powder I can find in the trees (or OB if with someone knowledgable), and am now spending a fair amount of time just linking turns behind my son down the greens.

Over the years I have rented bandits and Volkls (don't recall the exact models) and given I was new to shaped skis was quite happy with them both. When I go out now in the east I will just cruise around on my old 203cm Rossi 7XKs which I found to be a great all around ski for both cruising and quick snappy turns. I grew up racing on the Dynamic VR27s (and before that the 17s) but when I stopped racing I decided to move to a more GS style ski. I don't expect to ski much powder but then again I never had problems skiing powder on my old narrow straight skis so not sure ski width is that much of a driver for me. I would expect to do 10 days of eastern skiing a year plus about a week of western skiing (heading to Sun Valley for the first week of March this year). My gut is some type of all mountain ski would make the most sense for me.

I have seen some great prices on line for the Rossi Zenith Z9 oversizes from last year. I have also seen some good deals on the Atomic Mettron 11 B5. The other ski that has peaked my interest from this forums has been the Volkl AC40. Interested in thoughts / recommendations. Have some fear that the Rossi Z9 would not be aggressive enough for me but would be interested in others thoughts. I am 5'11, 175 lbs and am assuming I will buy something in the 170cm length. While demoing would make the most sense I think it will be hard to find a clear day to do that in the next few weeks and I would love to get a new pair sooner then later. Thanks in advance for any advice / suggestions.
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I'd look at that AC40 in a 177.

Plenty of other skis out there too Head iM82 and iM78 would be worth a look.
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Go to the classifieds on this site. Neat stuff there, and its well priced.
If you look on ebay then you can see the pics of whats listed here, thats what I did anyhow, and for that matter you could probably pm the lister.
Good luck!

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Is the AC40 a good east coast ski too?

Epic - you recommended the AC40 - i also see that you ski out of Stowe. Does the AC40 work well on icy hardpack? I am looking for a ski that would work both out east and out west.
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Sure it does... to some degree. I actually like my Blizzard Titan Cronus on ice, and I'd expect the AC40 to hol a little better than those. Keep em sharp.
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RBR, welcome to EpicSki!

You may also want to consider the Nordica line, given your history. Remember the feel of the old race Kastles? The Nordicas inherited it. The Nordica Afterburner or Top Fuel would be comparable to the AC40 (84mm width), and both hold well on hard snow (I ski the Afterburner in a 170 and share some similar history with you). A narrower ski will hold a bit better on really hard ice (there are some physical force reasons for this as the edge of the ski is more directly under your foot), but unless you're racing, I don't think I'd be too concerned about that.
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Oh, and note also the deals that some of the retailers here on EpicSki offer.
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