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Panorama and kicking Horse

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We are heading up there at the end of the month. My wife is not sure this was a good idea. She thinks it will be too desolate and will have nothing to do at night. Not sure what she wants to do at night though as most western places kick the crap out of us and we pass out after a few beers anyway. She also is worried about the terrain at KH. She has skied with me all over the west, Europe, and BC, so I don't see what the difference here will be. Anyone got any good info on this area, places to hang out. We ware staying about 20 minutes from Panorama. Also, how is the drive from Calgary.
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Kicking Horse And Panorama

My wife and I are headed out that way at the end of the month.
We have skiied there (KH) three or four times and at Panorama once.

Here are my .02$ worth.
I am a decent intemediate skiier...no better ...no worse.

Panorama is a good mountain if your wife wants a lot of Blue Crusiers.
Although I understand that the Taynton Bowl offers some very challanging runs.

We stayed on the mountain and the dining options were OK...not great.

On the other hand KH is a tremendous place to ski....harder than Panorama...but do- able.
Golden is not much of a town...however there are some great places to eat.
Kicking Horse Grill is terrific.

If you want more info just send me a PM.

PS:What dates will you be at Panorama and KH?

PPS:The drive from Calgary to Panorama is no problem...just be cautious and rent a car / SUV with 4 wheel drive
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First the road info: The highway to Panorama (Trans-Canada #1 to Castle Junction then the 93 over Vermillion Pass and Sinclair Pass to the Columbia Valley) is usually in pretty good driving shape and doesn't have any particularly gnarly sections. Highway #1 west from Castle Junction through Lake Louise to Golden passes through the Kicking Horse Pass, which is usually no problem, but then has a short section through the Kicking Horse Canyon (about 10 km) that is twisty, and normally has a speed limit of around 40 km an hour. In good weather you should have no difficulties with either. Good snow tires are a must, AWD is not generally necessary. The road from Invermere (your 20 minute travel description would place you around there) to Golden is along the Columbia Valley and isn't really a mountain road. Access roads to the two resorts from the towns should be no problem with snow tires. Be sure to stop in Radium for the Hot Springs.

Panorama has a wide range of runs which should keep skiers of all ability happy if the snow keeps coming. Kicking Horse is weighted more to the advanced skier, but there is a nice bowl between the Eagles Nest and My Blue Heaven that will provide lots of fun for intermediates and beginners who want to venture into some easy glades. The lower mountain has a number of green runs.

Golden is a lumber town that is remaking itself as a resort. You should be able to find a couple of decent places to eat, and you don't have to sit with your back to a wall in the bars, but don't expect the full resort experience. I can't vouch for the bars in Invermere, but the Blue Dog Cafe has good coffee and a healthy menu. Panorama has more on-mountain development than Kicking Horse, but KH is building out more each year.

Conditions are good at both right now (more than a foot of fresh powder on top of a decent base). There are four other hills within a reasonable (under two hour one way) day trip range (Kimberley and Sunshine from Invermere, Revelstoke from Golden, Lake Louise from both).
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Was there last Jan. Can tell you the drive from Calgary once off of 1, is desolate.Not alot on Hwy 93 btw 1 and Radium Hot Springs. We were on the road at 2pm til about 6pm to Fairmont and we passed maybe 5 cars total. The road was referred to as Storm Mountain Road, I believe, as some pretty wicked storms come thru that area. So, do get a four wheel drive. Make sure you have a tank full (which should not be a problem if you are renting) of gas. Panorama was great. Great tree skiing, great intermediate and expert runs. Alot of terrain that we liked and we are high intermediate/low advanced skiers. We skied off Champagne Express and the Summit Quad (Top of the World and Tree time, Roy's Run were a blast) and in the Sun Bowl (Stump Farm, Upper Bowl)area. Sunbird had some nice runs too. The Saloon at the base of the mountain had some great food and jugs of beer (instead of pitchers). I heard good things about Blue Dog Cafe in Invermere and there was a pizza joint (can't recall the name but will look) that was supposedly good. Invermere is a slightly bigger town than Golden, I think. Unfortunately, we didn't get to Kicking Horse (skied Kimberley...and liked it too, lots of glad skiing there). We were staying in Fairmont and the drive was a bit too much. Hope this helps.
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Thanx for the info. We are leaving tommorow for the week , staying near radium springs.
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