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Who's at Vail 1/6-1/8?

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Me: fairly good powder skier, looking to exchange stashes-I know a few

(the Bowl/Couch/Blackout season has taken it's toll however as I found out yesterday)

Usually ski by myself at the evil Vail Empire, but it might be fun to ride with some Bears during the predicted powder fest.

BTW, coverage is great!!

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I may head out there tomorrow (Sunday). Waiting to hear from some other folks. If I do, I'll PM you this evening.
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Sounds good, sent you a Pm-
The one thing that may dissuade from Vail me is if I-70 is really bad-I might just bail at Edwards and ski Beaver Creek (coming from the west)-I have been stuck in a Dowd Junction pile up on a pow day before-not a good time

Otherwise will look for you at the Vista Bahn at 9:00-look for orange coat/Mantras

Think Snow!!
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Same here...if Vail Pass is crappy/closed, I'll just hit something local.
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Headed to the Beav anyway....they will have more snow and less crowds based on today. Will be on Grouse or in the Stonecreek chutes.

Line Prophet 100's brown and reddish patagucchi coat and charcoal arcteryx pants.
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Sorry Gdawg,

I did not see your message till now.

Like you well know The Beav was good today:-I got close to first tracks at Rose Bowl-plenty of untracked all day long=all over the hill.I really like those trees off Harrier. Like Gdawg said more snow at Beave than Vail. And it kept snowing!!!

How were the SC chutes???I haven't tried them yet?

Hope everyone had a good ski day!!
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Was good at Vail today!
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