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Last year I united with a snowboarder when he descended down on me from uphill and we cracked heads. He said that he'd never been hit so hard in his life. He was wearing a helmet and I wasn't. Go figure. I'm trying to learn skiboard technique, and as far as I can see they seem a lot more controllable than snow boards.
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I actually studied that Guinness can in college, no chance the cartridge will explode, your beer would freeze way earlier. The widget is filled with Nitrogen. The only downside is you would be drinking Guiness at way to cold of a temp to fully enjoy!

The way I figure, depends where the bindings are located in the bar should dictate the DIN's. This could also lead to higher capacity in said bar, and more interesting drinking games!

Near bar: DIN set around 8, people will be drinking a lot, but still be in control.

On dance floor: DIN at 14, stop moving, you look stupid.

In bathroom: DIN at 0.5, get the hell out of my way!

On top of bar: DIN at 3, these people are fun to watch fall.

On wall: DIN at 10, keep 'em up there

On ceiling: DIN at 16, but have remote control to occasionally release on binding, could be interesting.

No tubes allowed in bar!
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Hey, I'm married to a snowboarder. we unite. Although not often enough to suit me. Ya we got the blades too. We all have to put it together and be respectable human beings out there. Do onto others. you know that verse? All these arguments about boarders and skiers and such are good in a way. It makes all of us realize the need to improve the respect for each other on and off the slopes. We can all work on that if we really take the time to care. Don't let the criminal element minority get away with anything.
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I once spent a day on Kneissl Big foots. It completely screwed up my technique and it took me a week on my own skis to learn how to ski again. :

But bar access and stability are important considerations I am ashamed to say I had never thought of before. Clamping people to the walls and ceilings sounds like the best idea ever!

But for access to the bar boarders might have a distinct advantage, they can stand close but block the space either side of them :

Telemarkers might benefit from increased mobility but this could be countered by stepping on the tails of their skis as they make a break for the bar. SPLAT!

Tubers won't be a problem as they have no mobility and couldn't even reach the bar anyway.

Now America just needs to learn how to brew beer. Budweiser??? Give me a break.
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I haven't had a Bud since I was 17, common, have you never sampled a Busch? Now that is what real beer drinkers drink!

(further thinking into this post has made me realize that some of you will take me seriously as you did when I made the Zima comment a few weeks ago. Please take the above comment as a joke, I drink Miller High Life (kidding again!))
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Give me a beautiful day, a beautiful girl, a keg of Budvar and fresh powder...
Mmm Beer.
Mmm Powder.

...And you can keep the girl and the beer. let me at the powder.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
One major advantage of skiboards is you can get closer to the bar.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ha! I google search on "bar skis" reveals...
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I'm not sure about the flex on them. I think they might be too stiff for me.
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