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Big Sky

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Heading to Big Sky tomorrow, can anyone update me on how the conditions are out there? Also, is the huge coastal storm that is currently hitting Cali, Washington, and Oregon supposed to hit Montana at all? Thanks!
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Bumping this cause I will be there next weekend-what's the scoop??
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the big storm missed us

the storm went south. The mountain is still in good shape - all things considered. Challenger is in great shape. But the wind we had last week blew a lot of snow off the Peak. Combined with the avalanches we had in Liberty, Marx and Lenin - the Peak is marginal. Sorry to have to say that.
(But if you need a challenge - I can make the Magic Carpet area look like a black diamond run to you! )
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A very honest assessment of the current conditions around the "really Big Sky".

I think we are in a good pattern for some snow later this week and as anyone who has skied Lone Mountain for any period of time can tell you, things can change very fast here.
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6Balls, be sure to look up Little Bear while you're out there... She's not only a great ambassador for Big Sky, she is also a tremendous instructor/coach (and one of EpicSki's ESA Coaches).
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It started snowing this afternoon!

Yep, the Peak was marginal this morning. I tip-toed over rocks into Liberty Bowl, but below Yeti traverse the conditions were great!
Around 1 PM it started snowing - when I left at 4:40 PM it was dumping. Let's hope it will continue - and as bunion said - things can change very fast.


PS: ssh "thank you for the flowers" . Hope to see you in Aspen.
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You will, my friend, and this year I'm going to find some time to ski with your group... if you allow me to do!
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Up there today - very windy again. Challenger and Shedhorn were down but tram was running. Made it into Liberty with only hitting two rocks! (Of course, I had my rock skis on.)

The wind has been a destructive factor over the past couple of weeks. A-Zs scoured completely bare, still very little snow in Lenin. Marx and Gullies looked OK but were not open today.
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Big Sky ok to marginal. Maybe this might help guys, Northern Idaho geting dumped on pretty good and jet stream should take this to Bozeman area. Skied to today in 8 in. fresh and tommorow will be about 14-18 in based on the rate it is coming down now. 2 local areaa at 106 and 118 in base on top so it is coming your way. Strongest part hit about 9 PM tonight so it is on you way we hope. Good luck.
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Things are looking a lot better up there now.
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Was up there today (1/13). Still an awful lot of rocks.
Great views, great visibility. Glad I went. But no place for anyone who is fond of their skis. Last day of my visit, so I guess I'll have to wait for next time to see it in good condition. At least a sign at the tram warns you that "everything" on top is rocky.
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it's Big Sky.....even in HUGE years, you will always find rocks and lots of them at times. The turns are worth the misery IMO, just know what it is going in. Steep, long, lift accessed turns, no lift lines, not much night life, lots of jagged rocks. IMO, the best lift served terrain in the US, if you like lift accessed steeps of 1500+ feet of vert.
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It was quite a nice day up there today so I took my camera, so that people can get an idea how the conditions are looking now.
Behold: the smallest tram in America

Scenic shot:

Otter Slide (quite good cover):

Looking down Dictator chutes:
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Lenin (not that well filled in yet):

More pics to follow later.
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New chair:

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Another lovely day up here. Here are some more photos:

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Great pictures, we'll be ther again next week.

What are the nmes of the runs in the pictures?
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Those were all taken in the Dakota lift area, except for the first one which was from the Explorer lift.
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Nice trees... looks excellent all round

Mmm ... 1 month tomorrow
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Great pictures. Thanks for the stoke.

Any comments from you guys on my question here:

Thanks for your help.
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SWEET! i'm thinking about going at the end of March... Not sure yet though...
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A few more photos - from the final week of the season:

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NICE! To bad all good things must come to an end.

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Martin -- Great Picts, been skiing the SLC area lately, but those picture are drawing me back to BS.

One favor, I recogenize some of the pictures, think I recognize others and am not sure on a couple. Would you be kind enough to descirbe the locations they were taken.

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Went up for a couple of hours today - still a lot of snow up there:

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I have got to get out to Big Sky!!!
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