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Let the fun begin....

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...42" forecast for Alta.


Needed a calculator to add it all up.
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Not too shabby for 3 days. Also reminds me that I'd better ride the bike and work the legs a bit harder for my trip out there.
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greg you need yoga and some real leg strenghting not bike riding. try jumping up and down stairs or something
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Thanks for the tip Josh. I'm going to find somewhere that I can run up and down a few flights of stairs.
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not even stairs...a PT friend of mine merely suggest stuffing a 5, 10, 12, or 20 pound (start small and increase incrimentally) weight into a backpack and just go walking around. if you can squeeze some hills (or stairs as the case may be) into the walk, then all the better.

this was his suggestion after i asked about off-season work-outs for skiing. he said walking, especially uphills, with weights was much better than running or biking, not only in terms of working the proper muscles, but also in terms of lower impact.
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I like that idea since I could do it at work if I could figure out how to carry the weight around without looking like a dork. What about those weights that you can wear on your ankles? I guess those aren't heavy enough. Do they make something that can be worn around the chest that could be covered with a light jacket?
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Like a weight vest? www.weightvest.com We use them for training and testing firefighter candidates. Use them in conjunction with a stair master for a graduated cardio and leg workout.
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Exactly. I wonder who authorized my picture on the home page.:

Sorry for hijacking the thread.
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