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Snow in Summit County

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Summit County had it's first snowfall of the season that reached down as low as the 9,000 ft level. I live at 9,400 ft and it was snowing lightly when I took the dog out early this morning. We'll probably see intermittent rain (Thank You God) the rest of the day with snow up higher. Possibly 2 inches of snow tonight.

For the first time this season, the Vail Pass had chain laws in effect for the big rigs. They were lifted by about 7:15 AM.
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Yippee, saw on the news in Denver that the snow levels may go to 8000 feet.

Wonder if our fall will be like spring, which we never really had. Went straight away to summer so fall immediately to winter?
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That would be nice but we're due for some indian summer weather. It's supposed to be back in the high 60's and maybe low 70's this weekend. I'll settle for a normal fall and winter.

But we're only a few short weeks until Loveland, Keystone, Breck and Copper open. I think I saw in the Sunday papers Loveland is targeting October 20th and the other 3 November 1. Before you know it we'll be making early season turns on the white ribbon of destruction-this season's mind and last season's legs. Which give rise to another possible thread-what do you focus on when you do get to make those first turns? (Besides survival)

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Yup...got a few pictures this morning from the deck...

Sure is beautiful up here today!
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wow otter thanks! Beautiful
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Great news:

VAIL - The first significant snow of the season is falling in the high country Wednesday. It is part of a weather change that is bringing cooler, wetter weather across the state.

As much as a foot of snow has fallen in some mountain communities and more is on the way. That is good news for Colorado, experiencing the driest year since record keeping began in 1890.

Snow fell at Copper Mountain, Winter Park, Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Aspen and Snowmass.

Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone received three to six inches of snow.

Game Greek Bowl near Avon and Vail looks completely white as does the entire top half of Beaver Creek Mountain.

Jamie Wilson, a spokeswoman for the town of Vail, said the snow is welcome after a disappointingly dry summer.

"It is imperative that we get snow for water and tourism. And I just bought new skis," she said.

Snow is falling at Aspen/Snowmass, with another nine inches falling overnight. Over the past 48 hours a foot of snow has blanketed the slopes and covered the streets of Aspen and Snowmass Village.

9NEWS weather anchor Kathy Sabine says a trough of low pressure is setting up over the area, giving us a cool and unsettled weather picture for the next 24-36 hours.

In Denver the weather will be chilly with a brisk north wind in the afternoon with rain showers possible.

The high country will see scattered rain and snow showers for the next two days. The National Weather Service says up to 4 inches of snow are expected above 9,000 feet in the northern and central mountains by midday Wednesday. Snow showers are possible Wednesday night in the foothill suburbs of Denver.

"The seasons have been so topsy-turvy that it wouldn't surprise if we got blasted this winter. We have our highest stream flows right now," said Mike Shimkonis, a Telluride businessman.

Both Telluride and Telluride Mountain Village imposed water use restrictions early in the summer.

"I'd like to think this is as dry as it can get. These snows are encouraging," said Shimkonis.

Even outside 10,177-foot elevation Leadville, surrounded by 14,000-foot mountains, the only easily visible snow until this week was a glacier on Mount Massive.

The Collegiate Peaks, the 14,000-foot mountains above U.S., have been barren of snow until Tuesday, when they had a dusting.

The 12,000-foot-high Trail Ridge Road that connects Estes Park and Grand Lake across Rocky Mountain National Park closed Tuesday due to weather conditions. It was at least the second time since August that wintry weather forced the highway to close.

Traces of snow were recorded earlier in a couple of locations in Colorado, but this was the first storm to cover a wide area.

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Always nice to see the first snow of the season, but you know it won't stick around for long. It is still summer after all [img]smile.gif[/img]
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i watched it come down on the webcams from my work-computer. it was great. saw loveland get some, saw copper get a little, vail and beaver creek we're getting hammered and then they stopped their webcams at 1:00 MT and they say they go until 4.
what's up with that ? geuss they're just too strapped for cash at vail and beaver creek(yeah, right.)
i'll be back on tomorrow to see the total damage.
think snow !
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We have gotten snow in my area these past two days, if I knew how to place an image here I would, because I took some nice shots of the new snow.

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Hey Otter great pics for today. Love to see the snow

My parents, who live in Missouri, love your site. They are some of your newcomers. I think my Dad checks it each day. My Dad is not in very good health and your beautiful pics really cheer him up when he is housebound. Thank you for that!
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gawd I'm missing Summit County! At Denver airport as I was heading out, I got a poster which shows Breck, Copper, Keystone and A basin. For some weird reason, the picture of A Basin is the one I stare at the most. Conjures up some really strong memories. Doesn't help that the local radio station is playing the songs that were on high rotation on the local Dillon/Frisco FM station.

Our season is coming to an end here, I finished at my hill this week, and am heading up to the mountains for a last ski this week before they turn off the lifts.

and unfortunately, it's becoming more likely that I'll be having a summer this year, due to the changes in visa application dates for working in the US!

Better go off and chew on some St John's Wort...
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This morning (Saturday, the 28th) I had to drive to Denver to take care of a few things. On the way back I decided to go over Loveland Pass to let my dog play in the early snow. There are already a few snowboard tracks up on the pass, maybe 200 yards worth. Hope they were using their "rock" boards.

Possibly some more snow tonight up high.
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Great news for CO! And great pics from Otter! Unfortunately, I remember a year ago about Sept 24(?) when the front range got a pretty decent bit of snow, but it didn't snow again for quite a while...
I remember being so enthusiastic--I bragged to everyone about how we were going to have a record snow year! Ha! Shows what I know. I gave up and moved back to MT.
Still praying for snow, esp for poor ol' C-O.
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