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Intraocular Lens Advice

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I figured if we could have 150 posts about how cold can a dog get in a car I might get some advice on what type lens to get when I get my cataract removed. As I understand it there are two basic types of lens, the fixed focal length which maximizes distance vision quality (anything over about six feet) and the multifocal which is a little less quality at distance but offers a full range of vision that's good enough to get a driver's liscense and good enough to read a newspaper. I've worn glasses all my adult life so I'm not concerned about getting rid of the glasses but some people tell me that losing the ability to take off the glasses and put the menu, score card or trail map right under your nose and read it can be frustrating because if you go for the fixed focal length you have distance vision only and can't read anything within an arms length of your eyes without reading glasses. Any suggestions?
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My only experience with vision is a Lasik surgery from some years ago. Your question seems like a no brainer...multifocal vision at all depths or mono vision with minor degradation of distance. I'm sure there are cost considerations, and you may have adequate close up vision with your other eye. The information is a bit incomplete in that regard. I know some people having Lasik will favor one eye set for distance and the other eye better at close viewing. What are your thoughts on this?
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