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Tahoe this weekend

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What are peoples thoughts, we were going to set off early from SF and just try and brave the raod conditions, they will be aweful I think but if we get there and the lifts actually open it should be epic.

Anyone else thinking of going?
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I was planning for a Saterday trip earlier, but with the road condition... it seems impossible. Even if the heavy snow fall will stop Sat morning... it doesnt seems like the road will be shovel fast enough.

Any idea if Sunday will be opening up? I'm planning to go to Mt. Rose.
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NUKING 4-6"/hour for the next 24 hours. Based on TGR reports, currently (2 p.m.) rain/snow mix at 6500', but getting colder. I may have a bout of, ahem, food poisoning on Monday (that may have started on Sunday AM). Before then - dunno if avy control can get done and/or roads will be clear enough...
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yeah my thinking is that sunday and monday are the prime days.
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Nothing will be open tomorrow. Little will be open on Sunday. Monday should be the best day so far this season.

Having driven back to the Peninsula last night, I'm shocked that 80 is still open. It will not be open much longer.

Keep your powder dry (so to speak) for Sunday at the earliest.
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I was just out for an errand to the bank just as the low moved through, and drove through a monsoon with heavy rain and wind. I saw flooded roadways, trees down on the freeway and a tree across the RTA tracks near Folsom that took out the power lines. That is just the valley. I can't imagine what this is going to look like at 7000+ feet.

FWIW the wind on this side of the front is much calmer. Winds have dropped from 20 to 40 mph ESE to just about 5 MPH SW.
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Just checked CalTrans (5:20 p.m.) & it says I-80 is closed at Applegate.
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Getting in or out of Tahoe before Sunday will be very difficult. It is dumping at 7,500ft in Stateline/SLT. I think 3 feet will be a given from this storm. And then the next one coming in Saturday night may drop another foot or two. Get yer snorkels out!
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I expect all trans-Sierra roadways to be closed until at least late morning. Hwy 50 remains open at this hour, but if the slides at Whitehall don't shut it down, Avy control at Meyers will. With the very high winds and large accumulations, all ski areas will be on avy control hold through the morning. If you can get to Sierra, you probably have the best shot at top to bottom turns tomorrow. Places like Kirkwood, Heavenly, Squaw and Alpine, it would be very surprising to see the top of the mountain open.
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Looks like 80 East is open, but with a lane restriction at Applegate (which you can bypass on a side road) and chain check at Nyack.
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Looks pretty much like we figured yesterday. Sierra will open top to bottom, but all others are restricted openings. Kirkwood has been turning lifts #5 and 11 this morning and may open 6 which would be great if you can traverse to Sentinel. Much more to come. Clouds and snow have moved in for another round after a sunny start this morning.

80 and 50 have chain restrictions and 88 has been closed at the spur since Thursday. I will get my fix soon.
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Looks like the next round is starting to hit. NOAA is estimating another 2-4' by 4pm tomorrow. 80 is still open.
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times like these i wish i was either self-employed, unemployed or had a sugar mamma with a swank slopeside mansion...
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Self-Employed w/ new client meeting on Monday.
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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post
Self-Employed w/ new client meeting on Monday.
Sounds like the meeting should take place at SugarBowl or there abouts
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post
Sounds like the meeting should take place at SugarBowl or there abouts
I have done a few of those meetings.
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all i know is that as of 1pm PST there are a number of patches of blue sky in San Francisco...
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As of this morning a representitive list of new snow totals from this huge storm series from Tahoe south in the Sierra. Major avy conditions:

Squaw Valley 55 inches
Heavenly 8 feet
Kirkwood 8-11 feet
Mammoth 6 feet
Dodge Ridge 50 inches
Badger Pass 40 inches
Sierra Summit 38 inches

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Storm totals were over 5 feet for Sierra at Tahoe. With Carson Pass and the Spur both closed, Kirkwood was not an option for me, so Sierra it was. the morning started in the teens with flurries and about 15 inches covering the tracks from the previous day. Off piste I consistently had thigh to hip deep powder. You had to plan routes so as not to get trapped in an area with inadequate pitch. I got caught once in Avy Bowl when I was taking nearly a straight-line on better than 30 degrees on a line that terminated in willows in a flat creek. I pulled up hard and had to break my way 15 feet uphill to a traverse. Exhausting.

Eventually Kirkwood will be accessible, but Sierra has some of the best tree skiing and low avy hazard of areas with more than 2000 vertical. Oh, Grandview lift was broken down and the access to the summit was by the old slow double. Most of the crowds stayed in West Bowl and left the steeper tree shots alone.
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I got two great days in at Sierra.

Cirque, Sierra was something special on Saturday, Sunday was harder, the snow was way heavier, and that freakin lift!

Saturday snow was like air!

Anyway great times.
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