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4 - 10's starting!

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My 4 - 10 weeks start this week (Saturday, Sunday & Monday off) ! Just in time for this big storm to hammer us all weekend and then leave all the freshies for Mrs. Skicrazy & I on Monday. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Just wanted to rub it in a little......
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I can do better than that. I'm getting laid off next week!!!!

No money, but plenty of time off!

[img]smile.gif[/img] :
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i got ya 1 (or more) better. i work 3 12's, and get this, i can pick whichever 3 i want anytime i want with no advanced notice!
every powder day off!
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Hah! got you beat, try 5 8hrs days, but i don't start till the sun goes down.
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Ok, i'll settle this [img]smile.gif[/img]
I get paid to ski. My emplyer requires me to have ski with me at the lifts i over see. 40 hours a week. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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