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Maine conditions?

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For the weekend of Jan 5-6, I'm curious what the conditions are like...

Sunday River and Sugarloaf web sites are reporting powder and packed powder snow conditions.

I'm finding that a little hard to believe based on the rain we've had lately south of the mountains...

Anybody actually skied SR/SL since Christmas? How's the snow?

Thanks in advance
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Well, I haven't been skiing in Maine lately, but I was up in the North Conway area over New Year's. I can assure you they got snow, and lots of it. I was skiing 6" of freshies at Attitash on New Year's Eve. New Year's Day it was snowing like crazy up at Cannon, so I wouldn't be surprised if they really are skiing on powder conditions right now.
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Sugarloaf got 16 inches of snow 3 days ago and it's been very cold since then. This weekend will be excellent, after that, we'll get warm temps and rain. Perfect weekend to go north.
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Rain? Not up here!

Sunday River reported 10" on Monday, and 13" for Wednesday morning. I had face shots all morning, fresh all day. At work yesterday I never saw temps above 5* F, and nothing above 20* today. Plus, they were making a ton of snow when I left Wednesday at 3:30.

It'll last the weekend, hopefully next weeks forecast is wrong.
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